Thanks to Dina Barnes and Tracy Jacin, my first ever blog post ends up being a rant.

Aunt Alicia

I’ve been wanting to get this blog going for quite some time, but keep putting it off for various reasons. Some events over the past several weeks, however,  have caused a bit of a backup in my brain, so I’ve gotta vent here or I’m just gonna lose it. I wanted my first post to be an introduction of sorts, but that will have to wait.

Everyone who knows me knows that I’m viciously protective of the people in my life that I care about. Friends, family…. doesn’t matter. This one is a family deal, so it’s huge.

I have a sister, Alicia, who attends Kent State University. Alicia is a caring, beautiful, intelligent young woman. She does well at Kent. She parties at Kent too. Now I didn’t go to college, but I know a lot of people who did. Seems like the common theme is work hard, play hard. I have no problem with that!

My daughters idolize their Aunt Alicia! Heck, so do I! I’m so proud of her!

Some necessary back story here…. My marriage started to fall apart in February of ’06. All hell broke loose 19 months ago and our divorce was final June 29th of this year. Throughout the entire divorce process my ex, dina, painted a very bad picture of me to people (maybe more on this later). LIES! Oh well, I expected nothing less.

Well, Alicia has recently acquired an apartment at Kent. She is proud of this, and wants my oldest daughter, Alexis, to spend a night with her so they can hang out. Alicia wants to spend time with Alexis and potentially spend some of that time to mentor her a little bit. Alexis is very excited to do this! Obviously, Alicia and I have to schedule this visit around the various happenings at Kent! I have no problem with that as I know Alicia wouldn’t schedule a visit during a time that would put Alexis in a situation that would be uncomfortable or dangerous for her (read: party).

It’s come to my attention that, recently, dina (I don’t use caps for those that don’t deserve caps) has been bad mouthing Alicia…. Saying that she would expose Alexis to some kind of drug fueled underworld.  Even though she knows Alicia, she’s been saying that it’s dangerous for Alexis to spend time with her Aunt. Her Aunt. My sister. Seriously?? NOT TRUE! Alicia would NEVER put Alexis in a dangerous situation. Then, this morning, I find out that the woman (tracy jacin) who babysits my youngest daughter (coincidentally, dina’s cousin) is talkin’ the same shit as dina. She talks this shit to people who are friends of Alicia. That shit gets back to Alicia, then gets back to me.

JUST LET IT GO IDIOTS! LET IT GO! Quit bashing me and my family and get on with your lives. My sister is AWESOME! My kids are AWESOME!

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