A Quick Rant about Proper Behavior When Going Through a Divorce…

My divorce was finalized five months ago.  Unfortunately, the entire process took 15 months. That was no fault of my own. Long story short… My ex (who makes just a little bit less than I do) was chasing me for a lot more money than she’s “entitled” to. “Entitled….” Cracks me up! Go make your own money! Anyway, don’t get me wrong, I love my girls and I’m gonna give their Mom money to help out so that everything is equal. That’s just the way it goes… Our divorce settled down at one point and everything ended up fair for the girls and for both of us financially…

So all is good!

Lately, though,  I’ve been talking to a couple of my good friends who are currently going through divorces. I hear about crazy soon-to-be-exes  (not my friends of course):

  • Making shit up for financial gain
  • Lying to their children to hurt the other parent

Just give it up already! Your marriage failed, it doesn’t matter why! The most important thing right now is your children. And unless one of you is beating the crap out of your kids, there’s no reason why you two shouldn’t come to an agreement that allows your kids to spend equal time with BOTH of you!


For you kids…. Regardless of what you’ve been told, you need both a Mom and a Dad in your life! EQUALLY! Mom’s not perfect, but neither is Dad! You get a schedule and you deal with it! Life goes on!

For you parents… If you don’t have enough money, go find more! Get a second job (or a first job in some cases!) to make enough!

I’m done…

2 responses to “A Quick Rant about Proper Behavior When Going Through a Divorce…

  1. Agreed. I know that divorces suck, but kids shouldn’t have to suffer because of it. Kids also shouldn’t be used as tools to gain what a parent wants. Grr.

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