Something Else to Complain About!

Technically, I’m not complaining. Anyone who has the pleasure of knowing me knows that I’m not one to complain about stuff, let alone something as trivial as the air temperature. I’ve lived in the Cleveland area my entire life so I know what to expect when the cooler temperatures start creeping up on us.

I just think I require a three to four week period to become acclimated. Right now I’m a bit of a freeze baby…

And it’s not even COLD yet! It’s only moderately nipply right now. It’s at the point where the little snowflake lights up on my Jetta’s dashboard to make me aware of the possibility of black ice up ahead! I have tush toasters in the front seats of my Jetta and I’ve yet to crank ’em up.. for myself at least!

The real deal is still approaching. When it’s cold enough that you can hear the trees creaking as they sway in the wind. When my boogers freeze! That’s no fun!

There is ONE thing for me to look forward to as the cold temperatures set in. The dog poop freezes and is much easier to deal with! That’s it! There’s my positive spin!!

Enjoy the next four months of frozen tundra in the Cleveland area!

Frozen boogers!

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