Here I’ll Explain Why I’ll Forever Be a Fan of The Cleveland Browns…

Being a Browns fan….I’m gonna blame it all on my Dad. He was a passionate Browns fan for as long as I can remember. I inherited that passion from him. Thanks a lot Dad!!!

I think  my earliest memory of being a browns fan was was the old “Browns 12 Days of Christmas” song. I memorized that song. I memorized the roster. I was probably 7 or 8 years old when this started…. and it’s all gone downhill since then.


THE FUMBLE… I still love you Byner…

THE DRIVE… I still hate you and your horse faced athleticism Elway!

THE BELICHICK… Grrrrr I wish you and your soulless being were our coach now…

THE MOVE… Art Modell… there’s so much I want to say to you about this… But I’ll keep it short… You basically did the equivalent of taking my first born child from me. If I saw you rolling around in your wheelchair right now I’d be torn between hugging you for what you did FOR Cleveland… and decapitating you for what you did TO Cleveland by taking away our beloved Browns.

Man, I’m gettin’ all fired up here…

THE RETURN… I couldn’t fight back the tears when the New Browns returned for their first game in 1999. Seriously…. As soon as the telecast came on, BOOM! Tears! Since then, though, I’ve had to fight back the need to punch my television or drive to Berea and go on a shooting spree! Just a pathetic franchise… Front office changes, coaching changes, terrible drafts, quarterback changes, terrible players, stupid mistakes, arrests, motorcycle accidents, hamstrings made out of glass (I’m talkin’ to you Hillis)… I could go on forever…

BUT… I’m loyal to a fault…. I’m not gonna leave your side unless you hurt me… And there’s no way a sports franchise can truly hurt me because, in the end, they’re just playing a game… so we’re  gonna stay together!

TO THIS DAY, I still wear my Browns stuff every Friday at work… and get all fired up on Sunday only to have my heart ripped out, fumbled, kicked around, and eventually stepped on!

Hopefully, someday, y’all can string together some regular season wins… then some playoff wins and maybe even a Super Bowl win!

I wouldn’t even know what to do….


6 responses to “Here I’ll Explain Why I’ll Forever Be a Fan of The Cleveland Browns…

  1. Were all cursed by our fathers Greg lol. Or there’s stupid juice in the water lol.

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