These Little Boys Need Our Help…. Please Read!

The link to more infrmation and to give:

Just a little background here….

I basically grew up with Pat, Dan, Brian & Colleen Hurst. Such a great family! I admired their parents, Pat & Cathy! For a long time, Mr. & Mrs. Hurst felt like a second second set of parents to me…. and their children, to me, were like additional siblings…

Well, as the Hurst kids and myself grew up, we lost touch. Unfortunately, it’s a rather common occurrence. We went down different paths and grew away from each other. Started our own families and such. I blame myself for not staying in touch. But this isn’t about me…

Recently, Cathy Hurst lost her battle to brain cancer. And now, her little grandsons, Bryce and Baen (Brian’s sons) are going through a challenge of their own. It’s all way too much for a family to have to deal with…

Check out the link below for more details. Copy and paste it on your Facebook, email it to your contacts… whatever…. just help out however you can. I understand most of you don’t know these little boys or their family… Just imagine if it were your child(ren). The true reason of this season is to give… So give, before I get pissed…

Thanks in advance for your help and support of the Hurst Family.

Help these little guys!

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