Brookie’s “Winter Band Concert” was quite a learning experience.

Upon entering the gym at Edwards Middle School, we were greeted by students who were handing out programs for what had been billed as a Christmas concert in years past. This year it’s called the “Winter Band Concert 2011.” Places everywhere are eschewing the use of the word Christmas to be politically correct, and the Brunswick school system is no different.


The program had a Christmas holiday tree on it.

There was a Christmas holiday tree situated between the areas where the regular band and the jazz band perform.

I still expected a little bit of Christmas, though I shouldn’t have because this was just a winter concert, right?

There were twelve songs to be performed that night.

Right before Brookie and the rest of the sixth graders started, the principal came out and read to us a heartwarming, educational narrative about Kwanzaa. The first song was titled Kwanzaa, Kwanzaa. Throughout the rest of the concert there were four more songs with their roots in Africa.

There was an Austrian Christmas holiday song that sort of transitioned into Silent Night. I became aggravated before that one because the band director prefaced it with a thorough description of the meaning of the Austrian part of the song, then said “The Silent Night part of this number, well, you all know that story.”

The seventh graders DID perform O Come, All Ye Faithful and We Wish You a Merry Christmas. Those were the only traditional Christmas holiday songs of the evening.

The eighth graders performed a song titled “Who Let The Elves Out?” Nope…. it wasn’t to the tune of THIS! I don’t know what it was.

I always look forward to the jazz band. Jazz band is a combination of seventh & eighth graders who possess exceptional talent. They performed their three Latin American songs perfectly.

Well, being in sales, I’m a numbers guy… so here’s how the numbers for the “Winter Band Concert” shook out. 67% of the songs performed were of the African/Mexican sort.  I’m too lazy to research it right now, but DO THOSE PLACES EVEN HAVE WINTER? At least a Brunswick-type winter? Why be included in a winter concert?

I struggle with the PC bullshit going on in this country.

The Universal Holiday Elf?

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