Liberal Nutjobs vs. Me…

I’ll keep this as vanilla as possible right now… But my political posts are sure to get more colorful as this election year progresses.

I’m very open minded and support issues that fall on both sides of the aisle. But I can only choose to vote for one candidate. That candidate generally ends up being a Republican.


Those dudes are crazy! Or seem to be…. but they’ve both found out a way to make millions of dollars talking on the freakin’ radio. I’ve been told that it’s pretty evil that they make money the way they do….


Those dudes give hundreds of thousands of dollars to different charities and non-profits every year. I know… for them, it’s a tax write-off (wha wha wha). But the charity or non-profit still receives the cash!!

Last night, I was insulted by a… I won’t even call her a Democrat… she’s just anti George W. Bush (dude hasn’t been in power since ’06). Not even concerned about the current election cycle or current administration and what should happen RIGHT NOW and moving forward. “It’s Bush’s fault for the current financial situation of this country.”

Okay… but don’t believe she voted anyway..

I'll post the conservative brain at some time so quit whining... whiners!

2 responses to “Liberal Nutjobs vs. Me…

  1. I’ve come from the future to tell you this post as well as you are stupid.

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