Music and Living in a Townhouse…

My girls and I live in a townhouse that’s sandwiched between two units. The neighbor to the left from where I sit right now, George the maintenance guy, has said he never hears the girls and I; nor do I ever hear them… definitely because of the firewall between our units.

Now the wackos to my right…. I can hear them yelling at each other all the time. It’s a weird situation there…. I’ve seen two adult women there and one sort of scuzzy looking guy there at different times. I’ve also seen two young girls there maybe 5 & 8 years old. And I constantly hear a baby crying, seemingly ignored… but I don’t know, there’s clearly some sort of hillbilly dynamic going on over there… I hate to judge but ,dammit, whenever I see any of the residents and attempt to converse with them, they don’t want to talk much more than saying “Hi.”

Well, for the past six months or so, it seems pretty clear that the wackos have a home theater system that they like to enjoy when not fighting… or they’re cranking up the volume so we can’t hear ’em. It gets loud but I don’t mind it… neither do the girls. We just do our own thing. But I’ve always liked a good home theater setup.


I never really got anything from Santy Claus this past Christmas. Being a huge fan of the “surround sound,” yesterday morning I ventured up to the local Best Buy to see if they had any deals; maybe pick something up for myself! I stumbled across a fantastic deal that I couldn’t pass up!

Ninety minutes later, everything was installed and it sounded heavenly! I watched the two NFL playoff games yesterday and it was like I was there!… without the pain of rubbing elbows with inbred Steelers fans or Bible thumping Tebow fans!

Shortly after I got home from work today I decided to enjoy some “Master of Puppets”  while folding laundry. I didn’t even crank it up too much! Metallica and doing laundry… what fun! But halfway through the song, the wackos to the right were banging on the wall. Seriously? Seriously???? Next time I hear their baby crying for 17 minutes at 3 am, I’m gonna put on some Korn. LOUD.

This stuff will seem tame to you wackos someday!

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