F YEAH! It’s Divisional Playoff Weekend!!

I believe this is the most exciting week of the NFL season. There are four fantastic games on tap! Some thoughts (and picks!) on each of ’em!

New Orleans Saints (14-3) at San Francisco 49ers (13-3) – Drew Brees is just an animal, but I think Darren Sproles is going to be the difference maker in this game. He’s just too fast and too dangerous for the 49ers. Saints 27 – 49ers 20

Denver Broncos (9-8) at New England Patriots (13-3) – I have finally become a Tebow fan! Not a fan of the incessant bible thumping…. a fan of the kid that probably has more heart than any player in the league. He’s the most unconventional QB I think I’ve ever seen play the game. I believe that’s why teams have a difficult time game planning for the Broncos. HOWEVAH! This is the Patriots and the evil Bill Belichick. I think the Pats will have just enough defense to slow down the Broncos scoring. But the Pats offense? They’ll be unstoppable. While the Broncos have a stout defense, they won’t be able to contain the Pats tight end attack AND Welker flying across the middle. Oh yeah… the media is predicting that this may be the highest rated playoff game ever, excluding the Super Bowl of course. Patriots 34 – Broncos 16

Houston Texans (11-6) at Baltimore Ravens (12-4) – This game will be all about the running game. Houston won’t be able to contain the Ray Rice Show. Baltimore WILL be able to shut down Arian Foster. Baltimore 30 – Houston 17

New York Giants (10-7) at Green Bay Packers (15-1) – GO PACK GO!! This game scares me, though, for the Packers. The Giants have a SERIOUS pass rush. They can put enough pressure on Rodgers rushing only four… That leaves seven in pass coverage. I believe Greg Jennings will be back, and Jordy Nelson will be a dangerous white boy as well! This is gonna be a nailbiter! Green Bay 24 – New York 21

In the unlikely event the Pats lose, Tom Brady still wins!

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