I’m So Conflicted About This AFC Championship Game….

I really am… I understand that I change my allegiances throughout the playoffs. Many people have pointed that out to me as being a bad thing! But why should I be loyal? My loyalty is and always will be with the Browns. If the Browns weren’t regularly eliminated by week six… and could get into the playoffs, you all would see my loyalty! But that’s neither here nor there, since the Browns have been irrelevant for several weeks (and since ’99 actually). So now I must choose between the Ravens and the Patriots… two teams I don’t particularly like. I’m gonna throw some various thoughts out here and pick one of ’em…

Reasons I despise the Ravens:

  • Art Modell and his decision to take my beloved Browns away from me.
  • The Browns haven’t beat the Ravens since ’07.
  • Ravens fans in general…
  • Joe Flacco is mediocre at best and his recent complaints about not being treated by the media as an elite QB just aggravate me.

Reasons I like the Ravens:

  • Former Brown, Ozzie Newsome is one of the best TEs to ever play the game.
  • Ray Rice.
  • Ray Lewis is a beast.
  • Ray Rice.
  • Anquan Boldin.
  • Ray Rice
  • Ed Reed is one hell of a playmaker.
  • Ray Rice.
  • The Michael Oher story (The Blind Side) is very touching.

Reasons I despise the Patriots:

  • Tom Brady and his incessant whining.
  • Bill Belichick and his genius (this also falls on Art Modell’s shoulders).
  • Tom Brady and his incessant whining.
  • Ochocinco and his incessant tweeting.
  • Tom Brady and his supermodel wife (even when he loses a football game, he “wins”).
  • Patriot fans in general – they don’t speak English well and sound like Ben Affleck in “The Town.”
  • Wes Welker and his silly mustache.

Reasons I like the Patriots:

  • Tom Brady’s wife, Gisele Bundchen.

So I added all of the above up and came up with the Baltimore Ravens as my choice to win the AFC Championship.


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