And the Beat Goes On…. Nice Guys Finish Last….

I’ve always been proud of being a nice guy. My parents did a great job in raising me to be that way.

I must mention that this rant has nothing to do with my children; they always have been, and always will be, the recipients of everything I have to give.

I’m talkin’ about my relationships with the fairer sex here, people.

Putting everyone else before myself, until now, has been very fulfilling… for everyone else that is..

Don’t get me wrong, it’s been fulfilling for me also…. to see you smile, to make you laugh, to make you happy when you’re a bit off balance, to help you squash your fears, to make everything alright for you, to try to take some weight off your shoulders by carrying some of your load.

Never before have I thought “What does Greg get for his efforts to always please everyone first?”

What have I gotten thus far from significant relationships?

  • Cheated on and left for some “bad boy” who now, at age 38, works at Wal Mart.
  • Cheated on and left for some “tough guy” who was cool because he kicked ass in some bar fights… and his parents owned a wine store.
  • Turned into a freakin’ robot – basically doing everything while you did little or nothing. You cheated also… Military guy and an amateur softball player (the tight pants??)…
  • Kicked to the curb for someone who lives close to you.*
  • Kicked to the curb because I had a rough week at work… possibly for a dude who didn’t have a rough week at work or doesn’t work consistently.

I believe that, moving forward, I’m gonna have my best interests in mind… as well as yours. I think that’s a healthier relationship anyway. Why should I give everything I’ve got while you’re planning your next date and could care less about me?

I won’t, however, position myself as a bad boy. That’s not what I am… nor will I ever be. I suppose if you like bad boys, enjoy all the pleasure and pain that comes with ’em. Good luck in the dating trenches.

Shoot…. Maybe I WILL try the “bad boy” thing….

* Long distance relationships are just God’s cruel joke on those of us that have a perfect fit, yet live 362 miles away from each other.

3 responses to “And the Beat Goes On…. Nice Guys Finish Last….

  1. Kenneth F. Tisher

    If you change yourself…the terrorists win.

    Just be a bit more discerning in who you are with. If someone has a history of cheating, they will probably do it again. If someone takes more than they’re willing to give and you let them, they aren’t going to change because they can get away with it.

  2. I may talk about it, but I won’t change Ken. Hell, after almost 15 years of marriage I was changed into someone I’m not…. I allowed it, so shame on me! That won’t happen again! The next one will love me for being me as much as I love her for being her.

  3. Long-distance does suck.

    And you do deserve love. You’re a helluva guy. Who else would call to see if I had blown up lighting my pilot light? 🙂

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