The Pro Bowl is Tonight. I Wish I Had Something to Paint… Then Watch the Paint Dry.

Yes…. tonight is the annual boring, cushy game between the AFC and NFC. I respect the fact that all the players were voted into the game by their fans & peers. But it’s technically just ratings whoring by the NFL.

Historically, this game was played after the Super Bowl. Most people didn’t watch it because there’s no real competition. The players are trying not to get hurt, offenses & defenses are limited…. It’s just a boring game overall.

The two weeks between the Championship games and the Super Bowl are the longest two weeks of the year for football fans. So the NFL, in an effort to grab more ratings, decided to put the Pro Bowl smack in the middle of that time frame. I’m sure more people watch it now than they did when it was after the season.

I can’t… I’d rather watch paint dry!

But I do hope the AFC “wins,” because that’s my conference.

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