I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say Super Bowl without paying royalties to the NFL. Guess I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for that cease and desist email.

I probably won’t get into any game analysis on here. I can pretty much read that anywhere I want. No point in reinventing the pigskin.

I’m looking forward to the big “controversial” story about players being spotted at a strip joint. Why is that bad? I think the average age of NFL players is 26. And they’re horny! But wait… are there strip joints in Indianapolis? I’ve seen women from there and I’m not sure men want to watch them lumber around on stage and attempt to pull their heft up a pole.

Anyway…I will say I want the Giants to win… not because I like them, but because I don’t like the Patriots. I don’t like that corner of the country. Those people are constantly angry and they all talk like Ben Affleck in “The Town.”

THE BIG NEWS this week, however,  is the featured halftime performer. MADONNA! If that was the news 27 years ago I’d have my lotion & towels ready and actually watch the halftime show. Not a chance on Sunday; heck the show is probably sponsored by Boniva!

Dear God... Really??? Is that thing alive?

Ugh! If I turned around and saw that thing comin’ at me I’d prolly throw holy water on it.

Sex with 2012 Madonna has gotta feel like bangin’ a chain link fence…


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