Van Halen vs. Van Hagar…

When the original Van Halen took off… Eddie, Alex, David Lee Roth and Michael Anthony… I was prolly too young to form an accurate opinion. I know I was… they peaked when I was twelve…

I pretty much grew up with Sammy Hagar as the frontman for Van Halen. And the Sammy-powered Van Halen made that band become one of my top three favorite bands. They share that honor with KISS and Aerosmith.

I’ve always wanted to hear what Van Halen could do NOW, with Roth up front. Well I found out last night when I downloaded (from Amazon… screw you iTunes!) their new album, A Different Kind of Truth. I’m quite impressed! Listening to the new stuff as I type this and it sounds a lot like their original, up to 1984, stuff.

I know they’re missing Michael Anthony (replaced by Wolfgang Van Halen), and I miss his vocals, but otherwise it’s some pretty good stuff.

Eddie banging his guitar is quite noticeable, but there’s no new kick ass solo in this offering.

Forced to pick… I go with (1985-1996) Van Hagar, because Sammy is just awesome… and it happened during my formative years…

But Eddie Van Halen has always been the constant in this band! If only he could come up with a new solo to rival this:

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