A Drag Race Is An Acceleration Contest….

….on a track, or dragstrip, that begins from a standing start between two vehicles over a measured distance. A drag racing event is a series of such two-vehicle, tournament-style eliminations. The losing racer in each contest is eliminated, and the winning racers progress until one remains.

HOT DAMN! The NHRA season kicks off this weekend! Unfortunately, most of my friends don’t share that excitement. I don’t care, though!

For almost 13 years, I was in the auto parts industry. Not a day went by where there wasn’t some form of motorsports discussion. These discussions got me hooked on NASCAR. Before I got into NASCAR, though, I was into drag racing.

The circle of friends I ran with when I was 16-20 consisted of a lot of drag racing fans. We’d go out to the former Norwalk Raceway Park several times a year for different events. Couple of the guys actually had “race cars” that they could run down the track. I did not have a race car. I had a brown 1987 Ford Mustang (not the 5.0… the 4 cylinder version). But I took it down the drag strip once. Had two girls in the car with me, air conditioning on… and ran, if I remember correctly, a 21 second pass… Real NHRA Funny Cars cover the same distance in about 4 seconds.

I enjoy the technology in these cars, specifically the Funny Cars. The competition is the biggest thing, though… between individual drivers, between teams. It’s freakin’ addictive once you get into it! All the cars have to follow the same guidelines, and the technology is pretty close between them all. It all comes down to the driver, their reaction time and their ability to keep the car going straight down the track.

And speaking of drivers… we have a talented rookie to follow this year:

Courtney Force! She’s been doing well in offseason practice. And she’s smokin’ HOT! Good luck to her and the rest of the John Force Racing Drivers this year!

4 responses to “A Drag Race Is An Acceleration Contest….

  1. I was just invited to a Nascar race of my choice. and I think this girly girl might go for it.

  2. Ha! I’m having some compuer issues obviously but I’m looking for going to my first race. Any ideas on which one I should choose?

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