Freakin’ Liberal Nut Job Union Teachers Are Trying To Brainwash My Children

I am so sick of my girls’ teachers trying to brainwash their students into liberalism. Shame on me for not trying to find a way to put the girls into private schools…. that aren’t run by unions. I’m talking to you AFL-CIO!

Thankfully, I’ve put a lot of effort into raising my girls to listen to everything, question if they feel necessary and form their own opinions on various issues.

Here’s why I’m pissed off….

My oldest daughter, Alexis, is a freshman in high school. In her physical science class, the students have to watch a Hollywood film; a fuckin’ Hollywood film, written, produced and distributed ONLY for the financial gain of a one Albert Arnold Gore, Jr. and Paramount Pictures. Yes… the same Al Gore who “invented” this very internet. They have to watch An Inconvenient Truth to learn about “global warming!”


This is comparable to Alexis’ health teacher having the class watch Steven King’s   “The Stand” so they can learn about communicable diseases.

Fuck you Brunswick City Schools for using a politically biased film and selling it as scientifically correct.

Why can’t you teach the fact of science as it is?

There are scientists who, based on limited data*, posit that we’re destroying this planet by driving cars, having kids, producing energy, breathing and feasting off of farting cows (among other things).

There are also scientists who, based on the same limited data*, posit that everything that happens on this rock is cyclical, regardless of human intervention.

If the children were presented with ALL the facts… I’d have no issue at all! That’s not the case, though. The school teaches the same old, worn out… people are bad.. we’re all gonna kill each other!

No matter…. I’ll continue to supplement the limited (union controlled, liberal) education my girls get at school with a true,  fair & balanced education at home.

*When I say limited data… I’m basing it on the history of humans accurately recording air temperatures. That’s 162 years we’ve been recording temps on a planet that’s been around for approximately 4,500,000,000 years.

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