I’m Not Gonna Take You Out For Dinner Because Various Industries Say To

In my opinion, Valentine’s Day is pretty dumb.. It’s merely a “holiday” where confectioners, florists, card designers, lingerie stores, restaurants… you name it… twist your arm to buy their products & services in the name of love.

Ya know…I’ve been called a republican on more than one occasion and a large part of the republican playbook is propagating a flourishing economy. Companies provide products and services… Let the consumers consume and in the end… jobs are created. It’s a win-win!

I wish I could work Valentine’s Day into my salespitch… “Hey Jake-the-construction-company-owner, you wanna show your bookkeeper how much you really love her… instead of bending her over her desk at 1:30 every day? Buy my accounting software for her for Valentine’s Day so she can be more efficient on the job and get out of work at a decent time so y’all can cheat on your spouses after work.”

Nah… doesn’t work…

Actually… I’ve got a bad taste in my mouth because of the last time I tried to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

When I was married, I set up a trip to the 2006 Daytona 500… Actually my good friend, Jim, set the trip up and asked if I wanted to go (I think the previous 5 years I said no to Jim because I didn’t want to get yelled at for doing something I wanted to do), and I said yes! Hoo boy did I get the shit for that! But I went anyway. I’d spent years providing for Dina and the two kids we had at the time.. and was working damn near 80 hours a week to do so… I deserved a break!

So… In an effort to sort of apologize for doing something for me, I sent flowers to Dina that would’ve arrived on Tuesday, February 14th, 2006… We were on our way to Daytona, I think somewhere in Georgia at the time, and I hadn’t heard from Dina about the flowers arriving. I called to see if she got the flowers and she blew me off the phone saying she was busy… said she got the flowers, but didn’t seem to be very excited. BIG RED FLAG WENT UP!

I enjoyed the rest of the week… lots of racing, partying & generally having a good time with my buddies.

Got back home after the race and, because that red flag was still there, did some research. Turns out that at the exact time I was calling to make sure the flowers arrived.. my wife was on the phone with some dude she played softball with… a two hour phone call! Upon inquiring, I was told Verizon screwed up and their call records were wrong… A lie… because more details came out the next few days from other people…

Anyway… that situation was the catalyst that eventually led to my current single status…. and maybe why I hate Valentine’s Day.

Back to the general Valentine’s Day thing… If I’m dating you, why should I take you out for dinner tomorrow night just because Applebee’s has a couples special? I took you out twice last week! Because I care about you! Why should I buy something for you as a Valentine’s Day gift because Victoria’s Secret tells me to? I’ve bought you stuff before, for no other reason than I care about you!

I am wired to take care of the people I care about. My Mom & Dad raised me right. I will take care of you year-round… I may even take care of you after you kick me to the curb… But if I still care I’m still gonna do stuff. Once again… thank my parents for that! So when Hallmark tells me to do it on one particular day… I can’t.

I won’t.

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