How I’m Raising My Girls…1.1…Alexis

When I last wrote about raising my girlies… it was more about me figuring out how to keep an infant fed, clean & alive.

Once they’re into the toddler stage… I can get into the fun stuff…

Both myself and Dina participated in sports when we were growing up so, naturally, our children would do the same… provided they were any good!

We got Alexis into t-ball when she was five I think. She was a natural athlete! Picked up on it real fast and played well. Back then it was co-ed, so one would think the boys would be better than the girls; in most cases they were. But Alexis was as good or better than the boys her age. Her only problem… She’s slow! Not brain slow, jackass… speed slow. I’ve always called her a truck! But we found a way to compensate for that. Hit the shit out of the ball! I worked with her constantly and that’s what she ended up doing!

She not only played sports at a young age, but got into ’em also. She’d sit with me and watch Browns games. She learned the game. One of my greatest memories of Alexis growing up is when we’d go out in the front yard during halftime of a Browns game and throw the football around. I miss that. Today she knows more about the game of football than some guys I know. Heck… when she got into middle school, I had to talk her out of playing football. The school would’ve let her play.. It’s just not a sport for girls…

So we got her into basketball… and she excelled there too! Even with her lack of speed… she developed moves and fakes to compensate. I always taught her to be a team player. She could move the ball so well… always found the open girl instead of forcing a risky shot.

Dina & I both work, so Alexis ended up going to daycare. I think daycare was good for her. That social interaction really helps a kid develop, in my opinion. And it builds their immune system! When you’ve got fifty or so kids coughing, sneezing, drooling and shitting all over the place; the body adapts.

I didn’t do a formal study on it but based on my observations, children who stay at home with Mom or Dad versus those who go to daycare seem to be more like Gage from Pet Sematary (after his “rebirth” of course) than those who go to daycare. And the daycare kids seem sick less often!

We did have an interesting situation in daycare, though. One of Alexis’ daycare “friends” had a penchant for pulling his little penis out and showing it to Alexis. Little dude did this repeatedly. I talked to the administrator and she assured me that they would talk to his mom and make sure he stops doing it. He didn’t. I told Alexis, “Next time he does that, punch him!” The next time he did it… SHE CLOCKED HIM! She got in trouble for that and, consequently, so did I. I argued with the administrator about it.. but she didn’t get it! I know violence isn’t the right answer, but ya know what? This time it was because he stopped showing his little stuff to my daughter!

Throughout her “career” in school, Alexis has always done really well. She does her schoolwork, does her homework & does well in tests. Her transition from middle school to high school was a bit challenging… but she has adjusted well!

“Boyfriends….” ugh! I struggle with these little pimply faced geeks! I know what they want…. been there done that. I’ve talked to her about it and so has her Mom. She’s a smart kid and hopefully she’ll continue to be honest with us. One “boyfriend” in particular got us on the field for a Browns pregame show. That was pretty cool! But I’d still make him disappear if he were to hurt her.

Alexis has grown up to be a beautiful, talented, respectful young woman. Of course we have our speedbumps; that’s normal with teenage girls… but overall, so far so good!

Her passion right now is playing guitar and being in a band. She will do well there and in anything else she wants to do.

I love her so much… And even though SHE’S outgrown it, I really miss playing football with her in the front yard!

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