Danica Patrick Doesn’t Want To Be A Sex Symbol…. Is A Hypocrite

With the NASCAR season fixin’ to kick into high gear (YEE HAW!!), this week has seen a flurry of driver interviews between practice sessions.

And when the media isn’t interviewing drivers, they’re picking the tiny brain of Danica Patrick.

And in a recent interview Patrick, yet again pissed me off:

People don’t know how to describe women in a pretty way.

Maybe….Pretty, beautiful, attractive? I seem to know how..

Do you call Blake Griffin a sex symbol because he was on the cover of Men’s Health with his shirt off?

No. He’s an athlete who’s in good shape; featured in a health magazine. My favorite NASCAR driver, Carl Edwards, was also on the cover of Men’s Health with his shirt off. The article was all about his workout regimen and diet.

People just don’t know what to call women who look attractive.

Ummm. Attractive maybe?

The easiest thing to do, that gets the most attention, and that people are familiar with hearing, is ‘sex symbol.’

Wait…. I don’t see an attractive woman and just say, “Hey! Check out that sex symbol.” Now if I see an attractive woman doing racy GoDaddy commercials, FHM photo shoots and this:

This is sexy!


I don’t think that’s who I am, but it is how people describe me, she said. I’m just a person doing things I have fun doing, and that I’m comfortable doing.

Oh….. BULLSHIT, Danica! You’ve created this image and you’re selling yourself. If you’d just admit it, I’d have no beef with you.

I’m well aware that the media likes to steer these interviews so that the above dialogue results. Don’t let it go there Danica… I’ve seen most other drivers get into it with the media and they do a pretty good job of keeping the focus ONLY on racing.

Racing…Which you better start doing, and doing well, or all you’ll be left with is bikini shoots. I don’t mind that, because you’ve always been a good sex symbol!

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6 responses to “Danica Patrick Doesn’t Want To Be A Sex Symbol…. Is A Hypocrite

  1. Mr. Barnes, I think you’ve been had by Ms. Patrick’s obvious tongue-in-cheek self-promotion.

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  3. I lost my respect for Danica when she left real auto racing for the bumper cars league that is NASCAR.

    • I still respect her. Not as a former PSP-for-a-steering-wheel-with go go gadget-boost-button go kart driver, nor as a current “bumper cars league” driver; I respect her as a swimsuit model! Go sub-par boobs and fantastic ass! Who knows, someday she may win a NASCAR race on fuel strategy too!

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