Danica Patrick Vs. Dale Earnhardt Jr…. In Which I Compare Substandard Drivers

Since I missed work yesterday because my youngest girlie is recovering from walking pneumonia, I’ve had an opportunity to take in a lot of information regarding Speedweeks at Daytona yesterday & this morning. And it aggravated me.

Don’t get me wrong….  I’m pretty excited about this weekend… The NASCAR truck race was freakin’ fantastic last night. The Nationwide series race is in an hour and THE DAYTONA 500 IS IN 25 HOURS!!

What aggravates me is the media and their current “darling,” Danica Patrick. I haven’t been able to go two articles or 5 minutes of TV coverage without having her tits and ass shoved in my face as some sort of knowledgeable source of  racing information. In my opinion, she simply isn’t enough of an accomplished race car driver to be considered a source for anything.

I know, I know…. this is NASCAR and in their endless quest to grab more viewers (Their goal is to pass up the NFL) they’ll shove anything, or anyone, into the spotlight to attract those viewers.  But this is their worst effort yet….

Danica is far too inexperienced to be put in this position by NASCAR. Ultimately, and this is my official prediction… she will be chewed up and spit out by the organization. Until then, however, NASCAR will milk her for every new viewer they can… I wish she’d be smart enough to see this. Maybe she does… but looks past it because she’s getting paid well…  Well… there’s a definition of a whore: A person considered as having compromised principles for personal gain….

Anyway, this all reminds me of the aggravation I experienced back in 2001… After Dale Earnhardt died on the last lap of the Daytona 500, his son Dale Jr. was thrust into an even larger spotlight than he was already in; his Dad’s spotlight. He was the next big thing. And he wasn’t a very talented driver…. But because of the media, and their incessant coverage of this unaccomplished driver, I despised him. I think I have until now… now that Danica has taken over.

As with all the major sports, NASCAR is about numbers.. Races won, top five finishes, top ten finishes, laps led… etc.

So I figured I’d compare some of these two drivers’ numbers… And what I found solidified my opinion of the untalented Danica Patrick… and made me feel bad for chastising Jr. the way I did…

For the sake of simplicity, I’ll just use  two numbers here. Races won vs. races entered and  laps led vs. laps completed…

In his professional racing career, Dale Jr. has won 41 of the 564 races he’s entered. That’s 7%. He’s led 10,459 of the 146,846 laps he’s raced. Again 7%

In her professional racing career, Danica has won 1 of 144 races she’s entered. That’s .7%. She’s led 153 of the 23,256 laps she’s raced. Again, about .7%. Note the decimal points…

I understand she needs time to figure out these stock cars. Let’s not assume she’s better than she is, though, media people.

Dale Jr. has won two NASCAR Nationwide series championships!

Danica has done two Sports Illustrated swimsuit shoots!

Danica was the fastest in qualifying and has the pole for the Nationwide race today. Congratulations girl! But it’s not where you start the race…. it’s where you finish!

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