Daily Archives: March 10, 2012

The Return of Dirty Whore….

The last time I saw Dirty Whore was merely in passing.

Well, not really…

Dirty Whore is temporarily living across the street from Funtown with her girlfriend, Chubby Drunk Girl.

I went over to Funtown this past Wednesday to help The Mayor move the rest of her stuff out of the house and into the garage; so she can come and get it all this morning. After we finished moving, while doing our best not to break or piss on stuff, we sat in the driveway and had a few beers.

Chubby Drunk Girl arrived home across the street… driving, with The Mayor’s ┬ákids in the car…. on a suspended license from her last DUI. Nice… After The Mayor’s four year old son spotted him and started yelling, “DAAADDYYY” across the street, Chubby Drunk Girl just shooed him in the house. Again…nice!

Dirty Whore showed up a few minutes later only to park and then sulk into Chubby Drunk Girl’s house.

Anyway, I’m heading over to Funtown now to help The Mayor supervise while Dirty Whore & her new, scrawny boyfriend Dan PelkoPusscakes, Chubby Drunk Girl and who knows who else removes the stuff from the garage. Her parents (who are brother & sister I believe) might be there as well.

This could get real interesting, so stay tuned….