Peyton Manning, Peyton Manning, Peyton Manning….. GAAAHHHHH MAKE IT STOP!

I can’t handle all the media attention surrounding Peyton Manning these days.

I can hardly stand to watch SportsCenter any more and I fear checking my twitter feed because of the constant speculation about who he’s visiting next; who’s gonna drop a boatload of cash on a broken quarterback.

I should be excited about tomorrow. NFL free agency starts at 4:00 pm and I’m looking forward to seeing if my Browns will sign any big names who will undoubtedly survive only a few games… if they even make it through training camp and the preseason. I want to get fired up about some dude who will ultimately destroy his knees in a freak motorcycle accident, or lacerate his foot while running fly patterns… sans shoes. Or better yet, where are the staph infections??? It seems like forever since numerous Browns players were forced to stare death in the eyes after a vigorous workout in Berea! I’m sure there’s another round of staph just waiting for rookies and free agents this year!

But no…. tomorrow will just be another Peyton Manning news day. Don’t get me wrong, he’s one of the best QBs to ever play the game… if not THE best, in my opinion. He’s thrown for over 30 MILES since 1998; and 399 TDs. And he’s a genius! He was the Colts offense… yeah he had weapons, but take him out of the equation and the Colts go from 10-6 to 2-14… with some of those same weapons. Just sad.

Sadder than my Browns. The Browns have had sixteen different QBs since they came back in 1999…. Oof… nope, the Browns are sadder.

But Peyton isn’t the Peyton he was just two years ago. He’s had multiple neck surgeries since last year; and the recovery always seems to take longer than anticipated. Recently, he was spotted throwing pretty well. I’m sure he wasn’t throwing in full pads while being chased down by a QB hungry linebacker. And he definitely hasn’t been hit in quite some time. Jesus…. his neck might just snap at the point of fusion the first time he really gets hit; it would be the first ever NFL decapitation.

The team that signs Manning will be greatly disappointed. That is my official prediction.

I still look forward to what the Browns do tomorrow and the next few days in free agency. I’ll just have to sift through all the Peyton Manning updates to see who will become the next round of victims of Lou Groza Boulevard.

And hey…. Check out Peyton Manning’s recent medical records. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Medical Records VIA

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