So There’s This Girl I Like Quite a Bit….

Alright… I initially got all fired up about the NHRA season; then succumbed to the marketing powerhouse that is NASCAR and decided I’d only focus on that sport. I’ve changed my mind, however; I need to pay more attention to drag racing. Because of this young lady, Courtney Force:

This is sexy to me!

See, drag racing is really an acquired taste. I think one must be a serious motorsports fan to even acknowledge it. Shit, it’s a rarity to catch NHRA events live on TV. Qualifying is almost never aired and Sunday eliminations are typically aired, tape delay of course, on one of the lowest levels of ESPN; so ya gotta work hard to stay on top of the sport. The BEST way to stay hooked into drag racing is to go see it live…. WHICH I AM DOING THIS SUMMER!

This past Saturday, after having too many beers, I jumped on the Summit Motorsports Park (formerly Norwalk RAAACEWAYYYY Park) website and bought four tickets to the Summit Racing Equipment Nationals this summer.

This is all my sister’s fault, by the way… She had texted me asking about potentially going out to Norwalk to enjoy some racing since we’d done it before. I said I’d do some research and get back to her. Well, research turned into drunken purchase and we’ll be out there on July 8th letting these cars destroy our eardrums. I need a date though, because my sister is bringing her boyfriend so I’ve got one extra ticket!

Anyway, back to the talented and lovely Courtney. She’s been pretty impressive so far this year, so I’m gonna chronicle her rookie season on here with a weekly NHRA Courtney post.

First… I have to get caught up since there have been three races thus far.

So here goes:

Week one: Pomona, CA

Round one: Courtney WINS her first ever funny car elimination round. Yeah the other car broke, but she won regardless…

Round two: She loses. Dude got off the line faster and never looked back.

Week two:  Chandler, AZ

Dad smoked 'em on purpose! I'd do the same, though!

Round one: Courtney beats her dad, the legend, John Force. Dad let his daughter win. There’s no denying this… he just smoked the tires and let her go.

Round two: Courtney WINS on a damn near perfect pass! Almost 307 miles an hour. She needs to work on her reaction time off the line, however.

Round three (SEMIFINALS WOO HOO!): Courtney gets beat by her teammate (and 2009 Champ!) Robert Hight. Her slower reaction time was the reason she lost.

Week three: Gainesville, FL

Even the Best of 'em Smoke the Tires

Round one: Courtney loses traction and fights to keep the car straight, but was defeated nonetheless.

After three weeks of racing, Courtney is seventh in championship points out of twenty four drivers. There are some good drivers ahead of her, but there are some great drivers behind her as well! That’s pretty impressive in my opinion!

I’ll keep tabs on my girl and relay them to you all, if that’s okay!

2 responses to “So There’s This Girl I Like Quite a Bit….

  1. I accept full responsibility for this drunken purchase, and I CANNOT wait to go with you again!

    • I can’t wait myself. This will be WAY different than what you’ve seen in the past (Night Under Fire is fun….but it’s just a show; the national event is, well, REAL competition).

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