On Being Duped…and Other Random Thoughts & Happenings

My brain is fried after some events spanning the last nine days. I can’t stay focused on anything; nor can I compose a post that I believe will make any sense… So I’m just gonna let my brain puke up a bunch of stuff here. Perhaps this is my therapy…. Bear with me, my friends.

Holy shit… It’s 77 degrees here in tropical Brunswick, Ohio. Not a cloud in the sky. I took Bernie for a walk this morning and it’s amazing how Dalmatians still seem to have a sort of celebrity status. Little kids flock to him! I’m embarrassed that he’s a little standoffish with strangers and I’m forced to make the children approach him slowly. I suppose I should have him around people, other than the girlies and myself,  more often so he’ll get more comfortable.

My little buddy!

I wish I had a motorcycle. My buddies are out riding. Maybe someday….

I was in the early stages of what I believed was gonna be a strong, lasting relationship… until nine days ago, that is.

There were some comments made by a guy on a blog that were pretty rude to me and made me kind of jealous. I try my hardest not to get jealous… It’s a sign of weakness and a lack of confidence. Neither of those are qualities people would describe me as having.

Well… this dude ended up commenting on MY blog last week (scroll down to see his comment). He called me a dick. Not a big deal, because I AM a dick; but this dude doesn’t know me. What gives him the right to fuck with me? Then I noticed the IP address that this comment came from. It came from HER place. She made up a commenter on WordPress in an effort to fuck with me and make me jealous.

I just went outside to smoke…. DAMN are my legs white! I need a tan. I need to get a laptop so I can lay out in the sun and blog.

Man do I miss my ’93 Mustang convertible!

Turns out, at least this is what she told me, that it was her ex-boyfriend who made up the commenter and was fucking with me. Yeah, her ex-boyfriend was hanging out at her place messing with me. I felt so much better after hearing this!  I’m at work…. you’re spending time with your ex.

A big ass fly was buzzing around my living room a bit ago. And Bernie, who sometimes acts like a cat…

… was chasing it around. A 55 pound Dalmation jumping around chasing a fly is quite a sight to see.

He's got some ups!

He ended up eating it!

Last month, I received some pretty mean comments on this blog by one of her girlfriends. I didn’t publish these comments because they painted me as someone who I’m not. After the events of last week, I revisited those comments. They were made when her girlfriend was not even in this country. But the IP address was, again, from HER place.

I have the NASCAR Nationwide series race on right now. This was pretty cool…. They just went to commercial and the exit song was one of the new Van Halen tunes! Oh yeah…. The lovely Danica Patrick isn’t doing too well. She’s currently a lap down.

Call me crazy, but I'd rather have that car!

So now I’m seriously lacking trust in this relationship. Who’s messing with me here? HER, her ex or her friend doing it long distance from Ireland? Regardless… all of the correspondence came from her IP address..

By the way, once the trust was gone in my marriage I stayed in it for another six years; for the sake of my girlies.

But this isn’t marriage… why should I start something off where trust is lacking?

I REALLY try to forgive and forget. Well…. I can forgive, but I’ll never forget. I try to hang on and want to make things work.

Oof… One of the drivers just hit a crewmember on pit road! It looked bad…

But then, on Monday and again this past Thursday, I receive a couple blog comments from her. This time…. they’re from her ex-boyfriend’s IP address… UGH! I’m supposed to keep dealing with this?? After telling me your relationship with your ex is fractured because he fucked with us, you’re sleeping over his place?? Dear GOD I’m not that stupid.

Whew… the crewmember that Hornish hit is alright.

I’ve got a 35 gallon aquarium… Can you believe I just yelled at one of the fish? I yelled at a freakin’ fish because he was banging into the lid of the tank.

My fishies!

I’m going on a beer run….

Did you know that pepper plants are perennials? They are! I have a ghost pepper plant (one of the hottest chilies in the world!) that I brought in the house for the winter. She’s in pretty good shape and I just took her outside to enjoy some sun for a couple hours. I’m gonna have a TON of ghost peppers this year!

Danica is two laps down, now. YOU GO GIRL!

Did I mention I got my NHRA tickets in the mail yesterday? I did! I’m pretty excited about that. So far, I’m going with my sister and her boyfriend. I CANNOT wait. We’re gonna have so much fun! I still have one extra ticket if someone wants to go.

Woo hoo!!!

I have an OK Cupid profile that I started a couple months ago only to answer questions and see if she and I were a match. We ended up a 96% match which I assume is pretty impressive. I don’t try to meet people on there. I don’t like internet dating. I reactivated the account a few days ago to see if she was still on there. She was. I didn’t search for or message anyone.

I’m not trying to date after the events of the last nine days. Don’t want to. Don’t need to.

I’m hoping to hang out with some of the guys tonight. We’re still trying to think of where to go, since Brunswick is sort of lame. We’re down to a short list: somewhere in Medina, North Royalton, Strongsville, Parma, Lakewood or Cleveland. Maybe we’ll hit all of ’em! Who knows!

Speaking of NASCAR, they’re in Bristol, TN this weekend. In my opinion, Bristol is the best track on the circuit! It’s a tiny little 1/2 mile track, surrounded by over 150,000 seats. They hit speeds around 130 MPH on that little track. I’ve heard it’s unbelievably loud there. It’s as close to old school racing you can get. There’s beatin’ and bangin’, the drivers can continue to compete with a crinkled up car. The night race in August is the best race of the year, but this weekend’s racing is just as good. I must get there someday.

Elliott Sadler just won! Good job, man! People from Virginia talk weird.

Thank you all for letting me vent!

Very sexy picture of the Cobra VIA

2 responses to “On Being Duped…and Other Random Thoughts & Happenings

  1. Gillian Colbert

    I can’t click the “like” button, but wanted to just say that it hurts me to hear this. I hope you cut her loose and do what you need to do to keep yourself sane and whole.

    Best wishes …

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