Week Four NASCAR Recap! With an Irish Car Bomb Mixed In

I was pretty disconnected yesterday afternoon, so I wasn’t able to concentrate on the Nationwide series race. The young rookie, Austin Dillon, finished twelfth in his first ever start at Bristol… in a car (He has raced at Bristol in the truck series). That’s pretty impressive, in my opinion.

Racing at Bristol is pretty tough. Being such a small track, the aerodynamics that come into play on the larger tracks are non existent. There is no drafting (Cole Trickle explains HERE at the 1:30 mark). Bristol is a track where driver skills make more of a difference. Drivers have to want to push their cars to the edge, and sometimes over, to do well there. If a driver doesn’t have that hunger…

….they finish two laps down like the lovely Danica Patrick did yesterday. She didn’t push her car and, instead, tried to stay out of trouble or hard racing. That’s what ultimately hurt her.


Last night I ended up meeting a couple of the IT guys from work, Matt & Dustin, at Molly McGhee’s in Strongsville. I got there right about the time they were getting ready to leave. Matt bought me an Irish Car Bomb and then we left for his house. Matt showed me his impressive gun collection and we played some Asshole. We also spent a lot of time just bullshitting about stuff. It’s interesting to see how differently IT views our company and our program compared to myself; being in sales and working close with marketing.

Anyway, I think last night got my head straight. At least it was a nice distraction.


Today I watched the Sprint Cup race in it’s entirety. It was, as expected, a fantastic race. Unfortunately, my dude, Carl Edwards was involved in a crash early on that eliminated him from contention. Oh well… there’s always next week at Fontana, CA.

Brad Keselowski won. I’m starting to like this kid, even though he drives a Dodge.

I LOVED this car when it was a Ford and Rusty Wallace drove it

He’s the driver who keeps his cell phone in his car. He tweeted during the red flag at Daytona when the track was on fire. He took a picture with his phone in victory lane today. I’ve been waiting for him to tweet it so I could put it up here, but I think I saw beer getting sprayed all over his phone. Either the picture didn’t come out or his phone got destroyed.

As for Dale Earnhardt Jr….. he had a real good race. Stayed up front all day and was on his way to a top five finish. Then he got caught speeding in the pits during the final caution and ended up with a fifteenth place finish. He complained about the accuracy of the speed tracking equipment…. but that’s just him being a bitch. It was his fault…

Numbers after week four:


Starts Wins Top 5 Top 10 Avg. Start Avg. Finish
4 0 2 3 6.5 7.0


Starts Wins Top 5 Top 10 Avg. Start Avg. Finish
4 0 1 2 14 10.3


Starts Wins Top 5 Top 10 Avg. Start Avg. Finish
4 0 0 0 17.5 22.5
This picture of Danica is mezmorizing. It’s hard to notice the Chevrolet Bel Air that her ass is resting on. She wants to be thought of as a serious athlete, but her best performances thus far have been in front of the camera… and not the 42 or so cameras surrounding most NASCAR events.
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