Week Five NASCAR Recap! Danica Quit!

Yesterday I watched the majority of the Nationwide series race at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA. I’ve never watched that much racing at California as I always thought the races were boring there. This race was anything but boring.

California is a very wide two mile track with minimal banking. It ‘s also bumpy as hell (I’m assuming because it’s asphalt and it gets pretty hot in Fontana… causing a ripple effect to the racing surface). Regardless, it seemed like there were multiple lines the drivers had to choose from; and they used ’em all. At one point they were five wide! The last several laps, they were all over the track, making aggressive moves from the outside to inside and vice versa. I was shocked that there weren’t more accidents.

Joey Logano won after leading 92 of 150 laps.

My 11 year old daughter, Brookie, watched a good portion of this race, including the finish. Her assessment of the 21 year old Logano? “He drives really good. But once he got out of the car I thought he was too skinny and he talks funny.” And don’t start thinkin’ he has a southern accent; Joey’s from Connecticut… so he sports a sort of New England accent.

Austin Dillon is quite an impressive young driver. He qualified 4th and struggled throughout most of the race. He seemed to think they couldn’t quite nail the setup on the car. They must have figured out the setup on the last caution, because over the last 40 or so laps he worked his way through the pack and ultimately finished fifth.

As for Danica… She qualified 21st and just hung in that position for the most part. It didn’t seem like she was really trying to race; but rather maintain her position. She got lapped again, this week rather quickly, but maintained her 20th position. Then, on lap 63, she told her crew chief the car had a miss. She shut it off and drove to her pit stall. Her team pushed her car back to the garage. The announcers made no mention of her, other than the fact that she went to the garage. It was maybe a half hour later that a reporter found her in the garage; her makeup applied and her hair looking perfect. She said that something went through the radiator and all the water came out of the cooling system. Really??? There was never any proof, before she pulled off, of her car dumping water on the racing surface. That would’ve brought out a caution. How is it possible that the newly anointed “face of NASCAR” goes out of a race and there isn’t any audio or video showing her car breaking… or leaking water? I think she quit! She ended up with a 35th place finish.

I was pretty excited to watch the Sprint Cup race today. I was looking forward to  some of the same type of racing I saw yesterday. And there was; then the rain came and shut it down. Since they made it past the halfway point of the race it becomes official and Tony Stewart was awarded the win.

Okay… here’s a better picture of the “winner.”

I hate when races are shortened by rain. The best part of most races is the last ten or so laps. A rain shortened event obviously eliminates those last several fiercely raced laps. Now, the teams knew the rain was coming when the race started, so they prolly raced harder for the first 100 laps; but there was no urgency before the rain came. It was a big letdown.

Anyway, Dale Jr. rolled off 14th and quickly made his way toward the front. He stayed near the front the entire time. Jr. ended up with a somewhat impressive 3rd place finish. HEY! THAT’S THE SECOND LOSER!

And Dale remains second in my three-driver ranking here. Still behind Austin and in front of Danica.

Numbers after week five:


Starts Wins Top 5 Top 10 Avg. Start Avg. Finish
5 0 3 4 6.0 6.6


Starts Wins Top 5 Top 10 Avg. Start Avg. Finish
5 0 2 3 14.0 8.8


Starts Wins Top 5 Top 10 Avg. Start Avg. Finish
5 0 0 0 18.2 25.0
Oh no!!! There’s no Nationwide series racing for the next two weeks! At least that’ll be two weeks in a row in which Danica doesn’t crash, get passed by everyone else or just quit!
The Sprint Cup series goes to Martinsville, VA next week so at least I’ll be able to provide a Dale Jr. update.
And this girl I like quite a bit is racing in Las Vegas next week. Y’all don’t know how hard I’m fighting the urge to book a flight and a hotel in Vegas next weekend; and buy a ticket to go see her race!
Or stare at her while they warm up her car:
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