How I’m Raising My Girls… Or Failing At It

This past Friday was a very difficult day for my oldest daughter Alexis, myself and the rest of our family.

I wrote 2,500+ words detailing the events of that day; and some events leading up to it. I damn near published it yesterday and then decided it was better if I didn’t. That post will forever sit in my drafts. I think I wrote it for myself in an effort to maintain some sort of sanity.

I miss the days of my girls arguing about who isn’t sharing… who isn’t playing fair… who knocked over the bubbles….

But, dammit, they grow up and are faced with challenges of their own; in school and with their friends. Sometimes they fend off those challenges and, unfortunately, sometimes they succumb.

Alexis succumbed.

It all made me question if I’m a good Dad at all. I’ve always taught my girls about doing right and not doing wrong. In this case, Alexis chose wrong and was put in harms way.

She is fine. And she will be fine moving forward.

I think there was a point on Friday when both of us were ready to throw in the towel.

But us Barnes’ don’t give up. We learn from everything. We use that knowledge to move forward as better people.

It kills me to see my little girls get hurt. But they ain’t little girls any more. They’re growing up faster than I can keep up with.

I’m happy that the worst wasn’t the outcome on Friday.

3 responses to “How I’m Raising My Girls… Or Failing At It

  1. You’re a good dad, Greg. Kids are just kids. At least now you know and you can do more about it.

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