Star Wars! Performed by Some 400 Young Artists

We are a family that is very much into music. I assume most families are; though I could be wrong about that. I, personally, have no musical talents; never played an instrument in school or otherwise. My talent is limited to downloading it and then performing terrible karaoke while I’m in the car by myself. It sounds pretty good to me, though

Alexis & Brookie, however, have both been in band through school..

Alexis was a percussionist for four years. This past year she decided to get out of the school program, become a guitarist and start a band with her friends. She told me they’re gonna be the next big thing. To be continued….

Brooke is a second year flutist. She plays well but, unfortunately, is considering an early retirement; as soccer takes up a lot of her free time. We shall see…

Every year, the bands from a couple of the middle schools get together at the high school – with the high school bands –  for what is called the Festival of Bands. Tonight’s was the 47th annual installment.

Honestly, these concerts used to bore me; but not any more. I am amazed how much progress the artists make from age 10 all the way up to age 17. It’s cute to listen to the 5th graders attempt to stay in time with each other… then it progresses to the high school wind ensemble who are absolutely fantastic.

There were eight bands present tonight. One was combined fifth graders from, I think, seven elementary schools schools.

Two were sixth graders (Brookie’s band) from two different middle schools.

(In white) Fifth graders to the rear, Brookies band rear & to the right and Edwards sixth & seventh graders in front. Click to see full size.

Two were combined seventh & eighth graders from the same two middle schools.

(In white) Visintainer sixth graders in the rear and Visintainer seventh & eighth graders in the front. Click to see full size.

Then there were three high school bands; Concert Band, Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble.

Concert band in the rear, Symphonic Band center and Wind Ensemble up front. Click to see full size.

Each band played two songs of their own and then the finale was all eight bands together playing Star Wars. It’s a bit slow, probably so the younger artists can keep up, but I think it’s pretty awesome. Check it out:

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