How Childrens’ Sports Have Changed

Ten years ago, when Alexis started T-ball, we lived in Garfield Heights. They had a pretty good T-ball program there.

It was actually competitive. Outs were recorded, runs were scored; there were winners and there were losers. Alexis started to learn, at five years old, that the more she practiced and the harder she played; the better she did.

As coaches, we obviously taught the children that, first and foremost, the object of the game was to have fun. And we had lots of fun. After that, though, the goals were to practice as much as you can, work as a team and to WIN GAMES. What makes a sport more fun than to win?

This all made Alexis the tough athlete and fine softball player that she is today. She’s still slow…. ungodly slow… But she more than makes up for it with FREAKIN’ BOMBS off that bat!

Brookie though…. we got her into T-ball here in tropical Brunswick like six years ago. And it was TERRIBLE. There were no outs, no home runs, no score, no wins and no losses.

Everybody gets a chance to bat. It might upset little Timmy if you tell him he’s out; because, with three tries, he couldn’t hit a ball sitting on top of a tee.

And after the stupid games, the kids would ask, “Who won?” Coaches response: “You’re ALL winners!” AHHHHHHH! Made me sick!

Because of T-ball, Brookie’s progression into softball was a bit slower. But we worked with her. And now, she’s a great ball player…

…and a fantastic soccer player as well. She has the speed that her older sister is lacking.

Both of the above photos are from last year’s All Star games… so that should tell you how good they are.

I think we could potentially get Delana into T-ball this year; but Dina and I haven’t even discussed it. I think she’d agree with me that Brunswick T-ball is a waste of time; we could teach her more in our backyards. Until we get her into a sport, she can remain a spectator/cheerleader.

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