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This Is My Favorite Obscure Artist

Her name is Lennon Anne Murphy (She recorded, and performed, as Lennon for a while). I can’t remember exactly where I discovered her; I know it was some late night hard rock show on either MuchMusic or MTV, however,  back in 2001. Whoever was introducing the video I was about to see introduced her as a 19 year old up and comer, recently signed to Arista Records. They billed her as a more hard rock version of Fiona Apple, who I’m also of a fan of. Here’s the video that sucked me in:

After the video, the DJ mentioned the release date of her CD. I took note, because I was gonna go out that day and buy it.

Well, her CD was released on September 11th, 2001… Obviously I forgot to pick it up that day… and prolly didn’t think of it for a couple weeks. But when I finally grabbed is and listened to it, I was instantly mesmerized by her voice.

She had a falling out with Arista and ended up leaving them for reasons including, I believe, the fact that they only released the above single, “Brake of Your Car”, and I think they tried to mess with her creativity and guide her songwriting; which is never good.

It’s also not good to leave a major record label and go independent, as Lennon did. Her next few releases were under a label she started with her manager. The first of those CDs was titled “Career Suicide”, which I believe she committed in leaving Arista. Regardless, all of her material is fantastic in my opinion.

Her final CD as Lennon, released in ’06, was titled “Damaged Goods” (she toured with Motley Crue & Aerosmith in support of this album) and included the awesome lead track “No One Knows”. Here is the video for it:

She still didn’t blow up!

In 2007, Lennon started a metal act, Devil’s Gift, that was also kick ass, though they only released one self titled album. Hold onto your guitar picks folks, this one’s pretty intense:

Again, being released under an independent label, Devil’s Gift went largely unnoticed. I noticed it though!!!

To make things worse for Lennon, back in ’08 Yoko Ono (yeah, that wacko!) filed a complaint with the US Trademark Board to prevent Lennon from using her own first name (she was named after John Lennon) for musical performances. Ultimately, Lennon prevailed, but I assume the months of legal wrangling busted her spirit.

Lennon Murphy is now co-writing and producing songs with a 12 year old girl, Camryn, who has a very promising career ahead of her. With Lennon’s influence, I bet this kid hits it big!

I leave you with my favorite live Lennon performance, “Jacob”:

Put a Leash on Your Dogs, You Idiots!

The weather was a bit nicer today in tropical Brunswick, Ohio. The temperature was pushing 60 degrees and it was quite sunny, so I had the patio door open.

Bernie was driving me crazy bugging me to go for a walk. See, he does this thing in which he stares at me and sort of grumbles and half barks to get my attention. I know he’s right there, there’s no way not to! But I’ll ignore him on purpose just to mess with him. If I make eye contact, he goes crazy knowing his staring/grumbling tactic worked.

Dude eggs me on!

Se we went for a walk a little bit ago; second of the season! He gets a ton of exercise playing in the house, but nothing beats heading outside and walking/running; for both of us!

But cruising around the neighborhood gets aggravating. See… a lot of people have these little tiny animals that they call dogs. They’re all of three pounds and make these horrendous little yapping noises that some mistake as barking.

I don’t have as much of a problem with those little dogs as I do their owners who refuse to put a leash on them. There is a leash law in Brunswick and, I believe, most other cities. It’s a simple law to understand: If your dog is outside, put it on a leash so it can’t run off.

This afternoon, no less than eight squeaking, three pound ankle biting dogs chased after Bernie and I. Bernie’s a good dog and paid no attention, aside from looking at them like they’re gerbils. I, on the other hand got pissed. What if your little “dog” bites Bernie and he retaliates by grabbing it and shaking it ’til its death like its a play toy? My dog’s bad then?

My neighbor has two big, beautiful male Pit Bulls. They are big, happy, lovable dogs.. of which Bernie is friends… and are always leashed. I could only imagine the outcry if those “scary” dogs were running loose!

But owners of tiny dogs think it’s acceptable to let them run free. Why? ‘Cause they’re small and insignificant? Imma pick up some mace and blast those little shits tomorrow!

Anyhow… today’s walk kicked Bernie’s ass!

He's DONE!

That’s good; as now I can watch drag racing without him staring at me and wanting to play!

Week Nine NASCAR Update! Dat Dere’s Cheatin’… and Happy Birthday to the Late, Great Dale Earnhardt

On February 18th, 2001, in the last turn of the last lap of the Daytona 500, Dale Earnhardt was involved in what appeared to be a “routine” accident; getting turned into the Turn 4 wall. I got all fired up when he hit the wall.

I didn’t like the guy! Don’t get me wrong; I respected him as a driver, but he was a huge dick on the track. He’d just knock other cars out of the way en route to victory. He was a racing bully! Thing is, though, he made other drivers tougher and more aggressive so they wouldn’t become victims of his brutal driving style.

Anyway, that crash ended up being anything but routine… as something broke in his seatbelts and he made contact with the steering wheel & lost his life.

If you’re a NASCAR fan or, hell, a fan of people in general and you can make it through the following tribute video without getting even a little emotional; you’re a cold person.

Mr. Earnhardt would’ve been 61 years old today. I doubt he’d still be racing, but I guarantee you we wouldn’t have so many bitchy drivers whining about the slightest on-track contact with another driver. The sport has changed since Earnhardt’s departure; for the worst when I mention the pansy drivers nowadays, but for the best when it comes to numerous safety improvements that have been put in place since that fateful day in Daytona.

Happy Birthday, Intimidator!! NASCAR misses you; and so do all of us fans!

The Nationwide and Sprint Cup series descended upon Richmond International Speedway this weekend; both for night races! Richmond is a unique track in the series. It’s a 3/4 mile oval, so it’s not a short track and it’s not a superspeedway. It’s configured with enough banking to allow a decent amount of speed; and there are a couple racing grooves that allow passing so the races don’t get boring.

To be honest, I fell asleep watching the Nationwide Series race Friday night; not because it was boring, but because I was up ’til 3:00 am Friday morning playing shuffleboard with the guys after the first day of the NFL draft! But I woke up early yesterday and watched it on fast forward on the DVR.

It was a fantastic race and an even better finish. On the last lap, Kurt Busch battled Denny Hamlin for the win. The cars were bangin’ into each other and sideways before the start-finish line. Kurt won! That wouldn’t normally be noteworthy, but Kurt is driving a car this year that is owned by his younger brother Kyle; it was an emotional win for the Busch brothers:

Left to right... Kurt Busch, obligatory can of Monster, trophy, team owner Kyle Busch

I will say this much… Denny Hamlin is one of those pansy drivers of today’s NASCAR. He had a shot at Busch to move him out of the way and win the race, but what did he do?

I could have moved him up and gotten him out of the groove, and it would have been over with, but Kyle’s a teammate (ed. ~ in Sprint Cup… doesn’t matter in Nationwide) and (Kyle Busch Motorsports general manager) Rick Ren and those guys have built a great program, so I wanted it to be fair.

Fair? You’re a pussy for not wrecking Kurt, Denny, to win the race! Dale Earnhardt would say the same!

As for my boy, Austin Dillon? He started well, in third, but struggled in the early portions of the race with an ill handling car. As usual, though, he got it figured out and rolled to a ninth place finish. Austin is currently third in Nationwide Series Championship points, only 23 points out of the lead.

My dear Danica, though, pulled another Danica. She qualified “okay” at sixteenth, but didn’t try to race anyone on Friday night. It seems like, instead of trying to compete and win, she’s doing everything in her power to not crash. That’s just another way of being a pansy driver. Dale Earnhardt would think you’re hot; but then call you a sub par driver. She is currently twelfth in Nationwide Series Championship points, 130 points out of first place.

Holy shit, the Sprint Cup Series race was awesome last night! There was so much unbridled drama! My dude, Carl Edwards, started second and almost immediately took the lead. He led just over half the race and was on his way to potentially winning it until he cheated on a restart. Well, he didn’t really cheat, he just mashed the gas about 20 feet before he was allowed to on that restart. That’s illegal, Carl! He received a penalty for it. And then, after the race, you use the “stupid” card and claim you and your team were confused. C’mon, man! You’re one of the smartest drivers in the sport. You screwed up. Just admit it already. Dale Earnhardt would smack you upside the head!

Tony Stewart complained that NASCAR threw the caution flag because of a water bottle on the track. It’s debris, idiot! You woulda cried if you ran over it and it cut your tire! Shit… the bitchiness in NASCAR needs to go away!

Dale Earnhardt Jr. raced very well last night! He rolled off tenth and finished second. Another lap or so and he might have caught the winner, Kyle Busch. Yes, it was a big weekend for the Busch brothers in sweeping the weekend.

I just thought this was a cool picture.

If there was a NASCAR driver today who drives like the late Dale Earnhardt, that driver, in my opinion, would be Kyle Busch. He’s always been a dick on the track… and he wins races. I ain’t sayin’ he’s Dale, but he’s as close as we’ve got today..

Numbers after week nine:


Starts Wins Top 5 Top 10 Avg. Start Avg. Finish
7 0 4 6 5.3 6.7


Starts Wins Top 5 Top 10 Avg. Start Avg. Finish
9 0 4 7 13.0 7.3


Starts Wins Top 5 Top 10 Avg. Start Avg. Finish
7 0 0 1 17.7 22.0
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Sexy Saturday ~ Sports Edition

It’s a big weekend for sports; sports I enjoy, that is.

The NFL draft has been going on since Thursday, and will wrap up this afternoon with rounds four through seven taking place. GO BROWNS! I’m happy with their four selections thus far and am excited to see what they do today (get a wide receiver, guys!).

The NASCAR Nationwide Series race took place under the lights in Richmond, VA last night. The Sprint Cup Series will do the same tonight, so expect a NASCAR update at some point tomorrow.

The NHRA is in Houston, TX this weekend; more qualifying this afternoon and eliminations tomorrow!

With that being said, I’ve been thinking lately of scantily clad athletes, past and present, the last few days. So here goes:

Hope Solo ~ Goalie for the Seattle Sounders Women and United States national soccer teams.

Jennie Finch ~ Gold and silver medal winning pitcher for the USA national softball team.

Steven Jackson ~ Running back for the St. Louis Rams.

Gina Carano ~ MMA fighter.

Anna Kournikova ~ My sources tell me she played tennis.

Carl Edwards ~ My favorite NASCAR driver… when he has his firesuit on and he’s driving the car, that is.

Carolina Solberg Salgado ~ Brazilian beach volleyball player. I was horrified to find out that, for the 2012 London Olympics, the women volleyball players have the option of wearing shorts in addition to tops with sleeves. Please don’t select that option ladies…

Last, but definitely not least, is the Cleveland Browns’ new starting quarterback, Brandon Weeden. This picture’s for my buddy, Brent!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!

Last Night I Dreamed About Young, Muscular Men ~ And Boobs!

…. when I was able to sleep, that is.

I’m so freakin’ fired up about the NFL draft! The first round starts tonight at 8:00 pm EST on ESPN and the NFL Network, so pick your poison! Rounds two and three are tomorrow night starting at 7:00 pm EST, and rounds four through seven (hangover recovery day) are on Saturday, starting at noon EST.

Tonight, however, is the BIG night!  Tonight is the party for round one. My buddy, Chad, is having a bunch of us over to watch the first round in which the (hopefully) most promising players are picked. Everyone who will be in attendance tonight are fans of the Cleveland Browns, Buffalo Bills, or the Detroit Lions. Recently, the Browns have been the shittiest of the three teams, so us Browns fans have the most to gain tonight… potentially.

Before I get into football, I’ve gotta talk about the food tonight. My award winning chili was requested, as is the norm for the draft party! My middle daughter, Brookie, and I made it on Tuesday night.

It. Turned. Out. Absolutely. Perfect!

Contrary to what some people think, the chili is a big deal! It’s not just chili! It’s a culinary masterpiece that takes shape after no less than four hours of work; start to finish. I’m actually thinking of giving it a name other than “chili”, because it’s not like any chili out there.

WARNING: When working with ghost chilies, or any hot peppers for that matter, don’t assume that rinsing with hot water takes the “hot stuff” off your hands. I had to piss while the chili was simmering and, maybe a few minutes after I pissed, my penis became uncomfortably warm. Actually, it became painfully hot! After a few minutes of wondering why my junk was burning I was like, “AHHHHH the chilies!”

I believe Chad’s gonna make his gourmet burgers tonight. There will also be pizza & wings and stuffed hot peppers. And chips & dips. And lots of beer. Basically, the nutrition plan that I’ve been doing pretty well with the last couple weeks is gonna be put on the back burner tonight. No biggie; I’ll work it off.

DEAR GOD I hope the Browns select one of the dudes with their first pick that I want because I know, more than the coaches and front office guys, what an NFL team needs to succeed!

When I was able to sleep last night, I had dreams (and nightmares) about some of the Browns’ first round picks since they came back in ’99.

Being an “expansion team”, Cleveland was the recipient of the first overall pick in the ’99 draft. They selected quarterback, Tim Couch.

Shut up. Shut up. SHUT UP!!! Couch was NOT the biggest bust, as a #1 pick, in NFL history. He started the second game of his rookie season; behind a line that was about as good at protecting him as if it were me and four of my buddies. He was sacked 56 times in 14 starts in ’99, because of that shitty ass line.

Regardless, Tim Couch is the Browns’ all-time leader in pass completion percentage at 59.8%. Y’all ever hear of a dude named Eli Manning? His career completion percentage is 58.4%.

Still think Couch is a loser? Well here’s his wife, Playboy Playmate, Heather Kozar…

I rest my case….


In ’00 the Browns had the #1 overall pick again because they sucked in ’99. With that first pick they chose defensive end, Courtney Brown.

He looked pretty good during his rookie year, with 70 tackles and 4.5 sacks. But then he turned into glass and suffered through injuries the remaining 6 years of his career. He was a bust! I saw him at Giant Eagle once buying cupcakes. That may have been a sign…


With the 3rd overall pick in 2001, the Browns selected defensive end/tackle, Gerard “Big Money” Warren.

EWWWW... That's Butch Davis in the background...

Warren was actually a pretty decent player, but a high maintenance “thug” nonetheless. I just read a story about how Browns interim coach, Terry Robiskie, tried to get him on track. It’s actually a very touching article. Lots of stuff happened before Warren was traded that I didn’t know about. He ended up being, however, a low level bust!


In 2002, the Browns had the 16th pick in the first round of the draft. They selected running back William Green.

Green had a lot of upside to him and did alright for some games and had an okay rookie season; but he really liked weed and drinking. During his second year he was busted for drunk driving and possession of weed. That got him a suspension during which his girlfriend stabbed him. He never really bounced back from all that stuff and, ultimately, ended up being yet another Browns first round bust.

Regardless of the issues that derailed his career, Green starred in one of the best Browns touchdowns in the history of Browns touchdowns thanks to the Browns radio guy, Jimmy Donovan.

I look up that video a few times a year. And when I do I watch it no less than half a dozen times. Every time I watch it I get chills… I’m just a stupid Browns fan.


With the 21st pick in the 2003 draft, the Browns selected center, Jeff Faine.

I liked the guy. He didn’t suck, but he’s a center, so not a lot to talk about here.


In the 2004 draft, with the sixth pick, the Browns went right to the military to draft a fuckin’ soldier/tight end! Kellen Winslow, Jr.

Dude was pretty much a trainwreck motorcycle accident walking rolling MRI from the start. He broke his leg during a special teams play in only his second game. The next year, in 2005, he wrecked his motorcycle while screwing around with it in a parking lot, tearing his ACL. Then he got a staph infection because Cleveland doesn’t hire maids to clean the facility.

To his credit, he came back healthy in ’06 & ’07 and kicked some ass. Then in ’08 he got another staph infection while changing his tampon, got into a pissing match with the Browns front office about staph infections and was traded away.

Winslow Jr. could’ve been one of the best TEs to play the game, were it not for the motorcycle accident; and his attitude…


For the first round in the 2005 draft, the Browns picked wide receiver, Ru Paul Braylon Edwards.

I can’t believe what a whiny bitch that dude ended up being. I don’t even want to get into stats or anything specific. He was either really good or really bad. He caught a staph infection, too, at some point but could hardly seem to catch a football.

You "receive" the ball with your hands, not your belly, Braylon.


For the 2006 Draft, the Browns had the 13th pick and selected defensive end, Kamerion Wimbley.

Dude came into the league and kicked ass his rookie season with 62 tackles, 11 sacks, 1 forced fumble and 1 fumble recovery! Unfortunately, he only had one silly spin move that he never tried to adjust when offensive tackles figured him out. so he ended up being a bust! For some reason, Wimbley always reminded me of the main gargoyle dude from that old “Gargoyles” movie…


For 2007 the Browns had the third overall pick. They chose left tackle Joe Thomas.

Joe was fishing on draft day.

He may end up being the best offensive tackle to play the game. He’s an absolute stud! He’s a smart dude, a hell of a football player and I’ve heard he’s a really nice guy.

Woo hoo! SURPRISE!

The Browns pulled some trickery in the ’07 draft to get back into the first round so they could draft quarterback Brady Quinn at #22.

This is another Browns bust I don’t want to waste my time on talking about stats. He sucked! Big huge arms, but 2/5ths of a brain. The best quarterbacks in the NFL are anything but bulky and cut up. The only thing Quinn did that was any good was his girlfriend:

Alicia Sacramone


The Browns had no 2008 first round pick because they traded it to get the terrible Brady Quinn in ’07.


In 2009, Cleveland picked center, Alex Mack, with the 21st pick.

Mack, in my opinion, was a solid pick. Again, a center, so not much to say.


For 2010, Cleveland had the 7th pick in the first round and selected future Hall of Fame cornerback, Joe Haden.

Great pick. Very smart, very fast, very physical… Love #23, though he’s not the toughest lookin’ fella without pads on.

But he sure does ball!!


Last year, Cleveland had the 21st pick in the first round and selected defensive tackle, Phil Taylor.

I think Phil will end up being a stud. He’s made a difference so far and provided he doesn’t suffer an injury, he’ll only get better.

Sooooo…. there are all the Browns’ first round picks since ’99. Thirteen in all. Six of whom, in my opinion, were decent picks; though 1/2 of those guys are offensive linemen…

Let’s get a play maker today!!! So I don’t have to see more of this:



….and the past week has been nearly unbearable from a media standpoint! My twitter has been blowing up all week with news (normally crediting “unnamed sources”) by sports reporters about who’s going where. Then someone else says something different…. Then I watch press conferences of different NFL front office personnel; and they’re saying something altogether different. This dudes mock draft is so much different than this other dudes. Holy shit, it’s all just dizzying!

The real problem is me, however. I know that the teams aren’t gonna show their cards as much as I know that the media is merely speculating.

BUT I LISTEN TO ‘EM ALL ANYWAY. I’m a glutton for football punishment.

All I really care about is who the Cleveland Browns draft (I recommend they pick up 13 football players this year, preferably some who can score points!), but a lot depends on what other teams do.

I’m cursed with being a lifelong Browns fan. The fact that they are a perennially bad team makes tomorrow a big day for me… and all Browns fans for that matter!

Tomorrow is like the Super Bowl for Cleveland!

They’ve got thirteen picks in the seven rounds of the draft. THIRTEEN PICKS! The first few guys they draft should be good enough to start this year. And out of the rest, one would expect some “future potential” here and there. But who knows…

Seemingly promising guys they draft get hurt. And hurt. And hurt.

It's almost like Montario's legs are made of glass!

Others are just flat out busts.

Brady Quinn on the right! ?????

Anyway, the Browns first pick tomorrow is at #4. The dude I want them to pick, should he be available, is Trent Richardson. He’s a bad ass running back from the University of Alabama.

Check out this highlight video… it’s like football porn.

Rumors have been flyin’ that another team might trade up to the pick before the Browns to get Richardson. That would suck… a lot! But all hope wouldn’t necessarily be lost. Like I said, Cleveland needs players who can score points. In the unfortunate event that Richardson gets picked before Cleveland’s on the clock, I want this dude.

Justin Blackmon from Oklahoma State. He’s a fast, physical wide receiver. More football porn.

The problem with the Browns drafting Blackmon is that we don’t have a quarterback that can throw to him. Yeah…. Colt McCoy is that guy right now, but he sucks. After my buddy, Brent, pointed out how small Colt’s hands are it all makes sense.

Loogit his tiny little hands! Those are not NFL quarterback hands! He should be assembling iPads in China!

In the event that something crazy happens tomorrow and the Browns don’t get Trent or Justin with their first pick, I might just do shots shots until someone tells me I have to go to work on Friday morning.


Awwwwwwww Yeeeaaaaahhhh!!!

~~~~ 2011 NFL Draft party food ~~~~

Pictured, for the first time ever, with ALL ingredients

~~~~ Note the orange peppers. GO BROWNS ~~~~

To be continued….

Dear Ted Nugent, You are Crazy! I Will no Longer Call you Uncle Ted.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not a fan of President Obama. I’ve needled him on here before… just poking fun, of course.

The fact of the matter, however, is that Obama is the President of the United States. He should be respected (boy was that hard to type). He certainly should never be publicly disrespected, in my opinion.

Along comes Ted Nugent.

Ummm... Yeah.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Mr. Nugent’s music. He opened for one of the KISS shows I went to and absolutely kicked ass! I’ve also been a fan of Ted in a political sense; primarily because of his defense of the Second Amendment and his work with the NRA.

Oftentimes, though, I’ll hear a Ted Nugent soundbite (not the musical ones) and just cringe at his abrasiveness. It’s one thing to have a message (I agree with a lot of his message) and work hard to keep that message in front of people. It’s a whole other deal to call people names or make crazy analogies implying harm to those people.

Case in point. Ted Nugent was at the NRA Annual Meeting last week and, ultimately, crossed the line in my opinion. The following video is chopped up a bit, but illustrates my point.

He called the current administration “vile,” “evil” and “America-hating.” C’mon man…. you’re getting crazy there. They don’t hate America!

But it gets better:

Our President and Attorney General, Vice President, Hillary Clinton, they’re criminals, they’re criminals.

Criminals? Maybe not the smartest bunch, but criminals? No… Biden’s a bumbling goofball and Hillary is gross looking, but they’re not criminals.

It isn’t the enemy who ruined America. It’s good people who bent over and let the enemy in.

The enemy? They’re not the enemy, Ted. And good people ruined America? You make no sense.

If the coyote’s in your living room pissing on your couch, it’s not the coyote’s fault. It’s your fault for not shooting him.

JESUS…. How did this go from being about an enemy to being about a coyote pissing on my couch? I don’t think coyotes are any type of enemy; unless you’re a rabbit. Is this some sort of twisted analogy, Ted?  Are Obama, Holder and Clinton now coyotes? And should I be shooting them… or the coyote? Either way, that’s not nice, Ted. If you are only rambling about a coyote peeing on my couch, how did it get in my living room? Are you implying I don’t know how to shut the door? I, personally, wouldn’t shoot the coyote because I think coyotes are pretty cool; and cute…

I would, however, be concerned about my dog. He doesn’t play well with other dogs.

Ted continues to puke:

We’re Americans because we defied the king. We didn’t negotiate or compromise with the king. We defied the emperors. We are patriots. We are Braveheart!

Ted… The aforementioned politicians are Americans too. So are the coyotes. But Braveheart? That’s a movie, Ted; a movie that features Mel Gibson!

Holy shit… I wouldn’t be making Mel Gibson references, man! He’s about as crazy as you!

We need to ride into that battlefield and chop their heads off in November. Any questions?

Damn skippy I have questions, Ted! I thought we voted in November; but you’re talking about choppin’ off heads? Chop whose heads off? The coyote’s? Obama’s? I guarantee ya, when the Secret Service isn’t ripping off hard working hookers, they’re protecting Obama.. so I’m not going after him! Also, I thought I had a gun in this nightmare! Ohhhh… we’re pretending to be Braveheart now and using big ass swords? Does the NRA support sword wielding  and provide the appropriate training for said sword-ery?

At some point, my former “Uncle Ted” said this:

If Barack Obama becomes the president in November, again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.

What the hell does that mean? What you gonna do to be dead or in jail? NO WONDER THE HOOKER HAPPY SECRET SERVICE HAD TO CHECK YOU OUT.

Don’t get me wrong here… I’m not blasting the NRA. The NRA is a good and necessary organization.

But you, Mr. Nugent, say the wrong things and for that I disown you. Idiot!

This is all you’re good for:

Week Eight NASCAR Update! Treehuggers Beware: The Earth Died a Little Bit on Earth Day.

In the spirit of Earth Day, I crunched some numbers after today’s NASCAR race at  Kansas Speedway to see how the sport impacts the environment. My findings produced some staggering numbers.

  • 43 cars participated, as in Every Sprint Cup Series race.
  • The cars get a gas guzzling 3.75 miles per gallon! That’s .27 gallons per mile!
  • A total of 9590 (1.5 mile) laps were completed for a grand total of 14,385 miles!
  • That works out to roughly 3884 gallons of fuel consumed today! NASCAR is using Sunoco Green E15, which is 15% American made ethanol blended with conventional gasoline. That means they used 3301 gallons of conventional gasoline blended with 583 gallons of ethanol. The 3301 gallons of conventional gasoline requires 170 barrels of crude oil! You also need almost 2 acres of corn to produce that 583 gallons of ethanol!
  • I estimated that about 1,400 tires were used this weekend.

Now what about carbon emissions? This is the scary part.

  • A Sprint Cup car produces about 6 pounds of CO2… per mile!(Compare that to my Jetta, which produces .47 pounds per mile!) Multiply that 6 pounds by the 14,385 miles raced by 43 cars today… that’s over 86,000 pounds of CO2 produced… pumped right into the atmosphere in a little under three hours!

And how much trash could possibly be produced by the 75,000 or so fans in attendance today? I’ve got no numbers, but it’s got to be mind boggling. 

Dear God… NASCAR is doing a hell of a job in destroying the Earth. Hell, they flipped off Mother Earth today, on HER DAY, and then did a victory burnout just to rub it in!

Wait… WHAT? They have initiatives in place to offset the Godzilla sized footprint they stomp into the environment every week?

But they do! You didn’t really think I was gonna put my second favorite sport on blast and leave it at that, did you?

Click HERE for all the details…. but here are some highlights:

NASCAR has the largest tree planting program in sports. The NASCAR Green Clean Air Program plants 10 trees for each green flag that drops during races, capturing 100% of the carbon produced by the on track racing.

At the track, Coca Cola & Coors Light educate fans on the benefits of recycling and encourage them to drop plastic bottles and aluminum cans in designated bins. Bottle and can recycling has expanded to include the grandstands, concourse, suites, garage and campgrounds at almost every track NASCAR visits.

Safety Kleen Systems, Inc., the Official Environmental Services Supplier for NASCAR, provides oil recycling and re-refining services to more than 200 NASCAR sanctioned races a year, ensuring that all oil and lubricants used in racing are recaptured and re-used. Safety Kleen collects and re-refines more than 200,000 gallons of race used oil annually. The company continues to provide absorbent products used for cleaning fluid spills inside NASCAR garages.

Goodyear, the Official Tire Supplier of NASCAR, spearheads a responsible recycling program for tires used on NASCAR stock cars. Tires are transported to Charlotte, NC, and are immediately given first phase processing on site. The recycled material is sold to various industries for next generation usage such as power generation and for asphalt mixtures. Approximately 121,000 tires from NASCAR’s top three national series combined are recycled each year.

So there ya have it! NASCAR cleans up after itself quite well!

As far as today’s racing action went… pretty freakin’ awesome. Apparently, the way Kansas is configured, passing is pretty difficult there. It’s doable, but the drivers have to be extremely aggressive to pass in the turns, putting the cars sideways. The setup of the car has to be perfect to accomplish that without wrecking. Best way to pass was on the re-starts, of which there were only two…. and it got CRAZY! They went four wide and it shocked me that they didn’t wreck!

Denny Hamlin won! This was his second win of the season.

Dale Junior ran another very consistent race. He started 7th and finished 7th. He stayed up front all day, but wasn’t very aggressive. Jr. seems to be playing it safer lately, which is working well, though it won’t win him any races.

Numbers after week eight:

Austin (Idle this week)…

Starts Wins Top 5 Top 10 Avg. Start Avg. Finish
6 0 4 5 5.7 6.3


Starts Wins Top 5 Top 10 Avg. Start Avg. Finish
8 0 3 6 13.4 8.0

Danica (Idle this week – but she was hiking somewhere!)…

Starts Wins Top 5 Top 10 Avg. Start Avg. Finish
6 0 0 1 18.0 22.2
Danica, Austin and the rest of the Nationwide Series returns next Friday night (Ugh… that’s day two of the NFL draft); at Richmond. Sprint Cup is racing there Saturday night. The NHRA is racing as well; at Houston! Gonna be a busy weekend for motorsports!
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So You’re Gonna Rip On a Sport That Does This Much Good?

It humors me to no end that people belittle NASCAR as much as they do.  Maybe humor is the wrong word. I believe it angers me…

As far as sports go in this wonderful country, NASCAR is #2 in spectators behind the National Football League. NASCAR is bigger than the NBA, NHL, MLB and many other sports. It’s a pretty big deal!

Auto racing is most definitely an acquired taste. People either love it or they hate it.  Fans of NASCAR, like myself, are probably the most faithful of any sport. They buy the products of companies whose colors are splashed across the cars. They buy into the driver, or the team (like I do ~ woo hoo! Roush-Fenway Racing) or the make of car that’s being driven.

What’s interesting, though, is how the people who hate NASCAR belittle it. They talk like it’s some insignificant bunch of southerners, err hillbillies, driving in circles. They’ll call out NASCAR like it’s something bad, or even worse, stupid. Hell, two of the most successful drivers, Jimmie Johnson & Jeff Gordon, are from California. I didn’t look it up, but I don’t believe California is in the south; and I’m pretty sure no one refers to Californians as hillbillies!

I’ve never heard anybody say, “I’m dating this guy and he’s pretty cool, except that he likes basketball” or, “This girl is pretty cool, but she’s a Redwings fan.” But it’s commonplace to hear, “Ugh… guys around here are nice, but so many of them are NASCAR fans”…. like it’s a bad thing! Screw you, simpleton!

Now I’m not gonna force anyone to watch NASCAR. Like I said, it’s an acquired taste. But, Jesus, don’t tear it apart if you don’t know what it’s about, or what they accomplish.

The association that is NASCAR, the teams & the drivers themselves have pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into non profits and special interests over the years.

If you’re a woman, you can rest assured that NASCAR has contributed tons of cash to breast cancer awareness and, more importantly, research.

I will now step off my pulpit…

Unfortunately, the NASCAR Nationwide Series took off yet another weekend, so there won’t be a Danica Patrick or Austin Dillon update. I will, however, provide a Sprint Cup Series Kansas update on Dale Earnhardt Jr. a bit later. I feel compelled to include a Danica picture with these racing posts; so here goes:

TERRIBLE hair, but her legs more than make up for it!

Also, the NHRA is off ’til next weekend, so I can only hope to dream about my girl Courtney Force:

Come July.... you will be mine!