Week Six NASCAR Recap! Danica STILL Screws Up… Party at WINGZ… And a Side of NHRA!

The Nationwide Series was off this weekend, so Austin Dillon didn’t have a chance to run well and Danica Patrick didn’t have an opportunity to crash or get lapped. However, she still managed to indirectly screw up the Cup Series race today. More on that later.

This week’s NASCAR races took place at Martinsville Speedway in Martinsville, Virginia. This track is the shortest one of the circuit…. and the oldest; built in 1947. It has a unique configuration, oftentimes described as having a paper clip shape; and nearly flat.

Timing and rhythm are huge at Martinsville. It’s basically a drag race down the straightaway, brake HARD into the turn and jump on the gas out of the turn… rinse, repeat…

I sort of watched the Camping World truck series on Saturday, but it was pretty uneventful. What was amazing about the truck race was the fact that Kevin “Happy” Harvick led 248 of the 250 laps on his way to victory. I assume that’s some sort of record… and some seriously dominant driving! Congratulations Happy!

I'm likin' this dude more and more every week... regardless of what he drives


My friend, Frank, is the undisputed Mayor of Funtown… and Funtown is his neighborhood. He lives in a pretty unique neighborhood in which most of his neighbors are good friends. I’ve hung out at Frank’s on numerous occasions and, more often than not, his neighbors are usually in attendance. They’re all great people: Michelle & Ryan, crazy Dave, Craig & Jen, Lisa & Dave and Michele and Jim…. to name a few. Saturday night was Jim’s 40th birthday party and I really appreciate them inviting me. I had a great time with y’all! I’m still waiting for someone to post the drunken photos on facebook so I can add them here!

~~~~ BACK TO RACING ~~~~

Sunday’s Sprint Cup race was, again, somewhat uneventful… until the last few laps that is! HOLY SHIT… the leaders, Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon, stayed out under caution with some old ass tires… The cars behind them, piloted by Clint Bowyer and Ryan Newman had fresher tires. At the restart, the leaders got ambushed by the guys who had newer tires and all hell broke loose.

Newman's drivin' the car at the top of this pic!

Newman squeaked by the wreck and ended up winning the race.

How did Danica Patrick screw up Sunday’s race when she wasn’t even there? I’ll try to keep this simple. In addition to her full-time schedule in the Nationwide Series (the numbers I’m tracking here) Danica is running a limited schedule this year in the top NASCAR Sprint Cup series. I think twelve races out of the thirty six. She’s pretty much sharing the #10 car with David Reutimann. Well, Reutimann was driving their car on Sunday and late in the race was experiencing suspension problems. What he should have done was get off the track because he was slow. Instead he stayed out on the track.

Why? Because the top 35 (of 43) cars, based on owner’s points,  are guaranteed a spot in each week’s race. Qualifying just determines their position. Once out of the “top 35”, drivers have to qualify to get into the race based on speed… and that’s much more difficult.

So Reutimann stayed out in an effort to gain more owner’s points, then something else broke on the car and it stalled on the track; bringing out a caution. The same caution that brought on the melee that that changed the outcome of the race.

Danica didn’t screw anything up… but her Sprint Cup team did. From here on out, because they fell out of the top 35, David & Danica have to drive hard to get into any races.

How did Dale Jr. do? Pretty well, actually! He rolled off 14th today, stayed up front most of the race, led three laps, and finished up with a third place finish.

Numbers after week six:


The young Mr. Dillon didn’t race this weekend, so instead I present to you the unbelievably gorgeous Minka Kelly. I’m sure Austin wouldn’t mind.

WOW! Just... WOW!

Starts Wins Top 5 Top 10 Avg. Start Avg. Finish
5 0 3 4 6.0 6.6


Ha ha!

Starts Wins Top 5 Top 10 Avg. Start Avg. Finish
6 0 3 4 14.0 7.8

Danica… also didn’t race this weekend.

Starts Wins Top 5 Top 10 Avg. Start Avg. Finish
5 0 0 0 18.2 25.0
The NHRA was back “on track” today, this time in Las Vegas! Courtney didn’t fare too well, unfortunately. Something broke on her car which triggered a safety mechanism to deploy her ‘chutes. She lost in the first round.
The cool thing is, though, that my boy Robert Hight won today driving his John Force  Mustang. He’s won three of the first four races… His boss, John Force, won the other…. So John Force Mustang’s own the funny car class so far this year!
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