2035 Weeks

~~~~ OR ~~~~

12,245 Days

I’ve learned…

To crawl… Walk… Run

To talk… Read… Write

To eat… Cook… Eat… Clean… Eat

To build things… Fix things

To sell stuff

To teach

341,880 Hours

I’ve cried; I’ve laughed

I’ve stolen; then returned stuff

I’ve witnessed my three beautiful daughters’ births

I’ve brewed beer in my basement

I’ve been to at least a dozen KISS shows

I’ve been consoled; and I’ve consoled

I’ve been terrible at baseball

I’ve won a chili cookoff

I’ve made a lot of friends

I’ve lied; and been lied to

I’ve done kick ass belly flops in the pool

I’ve been married

I’ve been to Jamaica

I’ve never cheered for the Steelers

I’ve had my heart broken; and broken hearts

20,512,800 Minutes

I’ve loved; and been loved

I’ve driven 140 miles an hour

I’ve done LSD and loved it

I’ve been a bully; and been bullied

I’ve hurt others; and I’ve been hurt

I’ve cussed a lot

I’ve coached my daughters’ sports

I’ve chickened out of joining the Air Force

I’ve worked hard; and been lazy

I’ve been strong; and weak

I’ve lit farts

I’ve lost too many loved ones

1,230,768,000 Seconds

I’ve overslept

I’ve led; and I’ve followed

I’ve been good at football

I’ve recently gotten divorced

I’ve struggled; then been helped

I’ve been to 5 NASCAR races

I’ve helped others

I’ve smoked weed and hated it

I’ve forgotten how to trust

I’ve been a Browns fan since I knew what football was

I’ve gotten drunk and vomited

…and cleaned up others’ vomit

I’ve never bowled a 300

I’ve failed; and succeeded

39 years… and counting…

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