Red Hot Chili Peppers are Whores… And Obama is Pimpin’ ’em Out.

They're covering up their junk so you can't see Obama's saliva all over...

I saw a headline earlier today that read: “Red Hot Chili Peppers Playing Free Show at House of Blues (Cleveland) on Sunday.”

I thought to myself, “Maybe I’ll check ’em out.”

I liked some of their early stuff; up until the early ’90s I believe. Then, at least in my opinion, they became pretty irrelevant. I remember Flea and the lead singer being in a movie or two, maybe? Flea always cracked me up. He’s prolly way less fun when he’s not on coke!

Then I clicked on the link and read this:

Here’s what we heard from the Obama camp:

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are planning to host a free concert for Obama supporters this Sunday afternoon, April 15th, at the Cleveland House of Blues to get Ohioans pumped up for the election in November. Concert doors will open at 11:45am and tickets are free as long as you sign up this week for a phone banking shift with the campaign (highlighted by yours truly), intended to help build the President’s organization in Ohio.

WHAT?? REALLY?? In order to get a free ticket to see Red Hot Chili Peppers (retail value: $4.73) I have to work a phone for Obama? Also, why is the Commander Nitwit in Chief aligning his campaign with a band who writes this stuff:

Someone full of fun
Do me ’till I’m well done
Little Bo peep
Cumin’ from my stun gun
Beware… take care
Most motherfuckers
Have a cold ass stare
Aw baby please be there
Suck my kiss cut me my share

Shit…. maybe I will make some calls for Barack so I can redeem my free ticket! I can imagine it now… “How’s that Hope & Change workin’ out for you now? Bet you had a job four years ago, didn’t ya?”

4 responses to “Red Hot Chili Peppers are Whores… And Obama is Pimpin’ ’em Out.

  1. Bummer! I liked the RHCP! Off to eBay with their CDs. I figure if I put their stuff up for a penny per CD, that’ll be less money they collect from someone buying their music new. If everybody does it, they’ll learn quick that their pocket book feels a lttle light since they took to political pandering.

    • I try to look past the political views of the music industry and Holywood… It’s when they run a promo like this that I get pissed…

  2. anybody who ever listened to RHCP and ever thought they could be of any political leaning besides left would have to be an idiot. “Bob Marley a poet and a prophet”. You conservatives are so stupid.

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