Thankfully… Al Gore Was Neither “Selected Nor Elected”

In my opinion, Albert Arnold Gore Jr. is a slimeball… always has been; always will be. I know, I know!! Most politicians are like that. However, Gore is one that just aggravates me when I see a screenshot of him. Maybe it’s because he’s a whiny little bitch? Not sure…

Dude’s “green initiatives” and stupid movies are only a song and dance so he can make even more money. Don’t get me wrong…. I’ve got no problem with people trying to make as much money as they can (so Obama can vilify them of course).

It’s the conflict of interest that really pisses me off….

I did not know that Big Al was on the board of directors at Apple Inc., one of my favorite companies.. until the other day, that is, when I read this article (You won’t find this story on CNN, MSNBC or the rest of the lefty networks).

To keep it simple:

  • Al Gore sits on Apple Inc.’s board… not surprising, since it’s one of the most profitable companies on the planet.
  • Apple is building a huge data center in Maiden, NC.
  • In an effort to be a more environmentally friendly company, and take the focus off of them killing Chinese workers, Apple will use alternative energy sources to power the data center.
  • Apple plans to power the data center, at least partially, with two dozen hydrogen power units from Bloom Energy ~ a revolutionary power company.

Nothing sneaky there, right? Ohhhh but it gets better:

  • Gore ALSO sits on the board of directors of Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers (which has more offices in China than it does in this country); an investment firm that focuses on green companies.
  • Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers is providing financial backing for the aforementioned Bloom Energy.

Wait… WHAT??? Gore sits on the board at Apple, a publicly traded company; essentially guiding that company to potential vendors. One vendor who Apple is gonna do business with is a company which is backed by Al Gore’s money?

That’s bullshit, Albert. The shareholders at Apple should get you out of there.

2 responses to “Thankfully… Al Gore Was Neither “Selected Nor Elected”

  1. that’s how it works… that what board members do… that is what the exec team expects from them.

    • Ahhhh! Mr. Gore! I feel so honored! I can’t believe you had time to not only check out my blog, but also provide commentary! You keep working on your capitalization, grammar and punctuation skills and I might just become a fan!

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