Week Seven NASCAR Recap! Featuring a Roush-Fenway Sweep and Danica in a Sexy Fire Suit!

NASCAR was at Texas Motor Speedway this weekend. Because of its wide racing surface, 1.5 mile distance and 24 degrees of banking, Texas is one of the fastest tracks on the circuit.

~~~ Non NASCAR Texas Motor Speedway fact ~~~

The Firestone Firehawk 600, a CART race, was to be held on April 29, 2001. During practice and qualifying, however, 21 of 25 drivers complained of dizziness and disorientation during two days of practice. Drivers experienced sustained G forces over 5 Gs, more than the typical human tolerance. With their powerful turbocharged engines and superspeedway downforce packages, the Champ Cars were averaging speeds well in excess of 230 mph. Much faster than the speeds seen regularly by NASCAR.

With the possibility of drivers blacking out on the track (ed. ~ HOLY SHIT!), CART cancelled the race two hours before the scheduled start.

I went out with my friends Friday night, so I wasn’t able to watch the Nationwide Series race until yesterday morning. It was pretty uneventful for the most part. One thing that was pretty interesting, though, was how close to out of control the cars were. When the cars came off the turns you could see how ridiculously sideways they were. It’s amazing how there aren’t more wrecks at Texas.

I’m not at all a fan of NASCAR wrecks. This video illustrates what happens when a driver makes just a minor mistake. It also shows how effective some of the recent safety measures have been.

Scary ass wreck!

Anyway, Ricky Stenhouse Jr., in his beautiful Roush-Fenway Mustang won the race. Dude ran well all night, leading 68 of the 200 laps.

Hoo boy, that's a purty Mustang!

Austin Dillon ran his usual, strong race. He rolled off fourth and stayed up front all night, finishing fifth. I really like this kid. He’s a smart driver.

Danica Patrick qualified seventeenth and actually passed cars all evening. Her crew made the smart decision and changed all four tires during the final caution of the race. With her fresh tires, she passed five cars in the last five laps to finish eighth! I was proud of her as she ran quite well!

Here’s what aggravated me though. The NASCAR pit reporters routinely interview the top five finishers after the race before they talk to anyone else. They talked to Ricky first and then jumped over to Danica who, like I said, finished eighth. I understand that NASCAR is forcing her to be the “face of the sport” but, c’mon, stick with what you’ve done forever and talk to the top finishers first.

The Sprint Cup Series race last night was just awesome! Records were broken!

The race featured only two cautions and ended with a green-flag run of 234 laps. That was a race record, as were the average speed (160.577 mph), fewest number of cautions and fewest number of caution laps (10).

It also featured the always whiny cheater, Jimmie Johnson, whining again.

“When I caught lapped traffic, some guys that were multiple laps down didn’t show much respect for myself, the leader,” said Johnson, who posted his fifth runner-up finish against one victory at Texas. “Before I knew it, the No. 16 [Biffle] was there inside of me and got by.

Yeah, Biffle ended up winning the race, bitch, so SHUT UP Johnson! That’s right, Roush-Fenway’s Greg Biffle won it! RFR swept the weekend! WOO HOO!

... and that's a purty Fusion!

Numbers after week seven:


Starts Wins Top 5 Top 10 Avg. Start Avg. Finish
6 0 4 5 5.7 6.3


Starts Wins Top 5 Top 10 Avg. Start Avg. Finish
7 0 3 5 14.3 8.1


Starts Wins Top 5 Top 10 Avg. Start Avg. Finish
6 0 0 1 18.0 22.2
Look for an exciting NHRA update tonight. Throughout qualifying I witnessed an exploding car, a fire on the track and a very frightening, though thankfully injury free, car-meets-crewmember accident.
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