Four Wide is For the Birds

I used to get aggravated that NHRA coverage is always so late on Sundays on tape delay. It took one of my buddies, who is not a big drag racing fan, to point out the obvious.

Me: I gotta stay up so late on Sundays to watch NHRA coverage and ultimately end up drinking later on a night preceding a work day than I want to. I saw they had flag football coverage on earlier in the day before NHRA. Just dumb.

Frank: Don’t the cars always break and they gotta clean the track? No one’s gonna watch all that wasted time!

Me: Gaahhh, you’re right! Damn am I stupid… I’ve been to national events and witnessed the track cleanup. That’s when you go piss and get another beer! This is what you miss:

Last year I went to the Summit Racing Equipment Nationals out in beautiful Norwalk, OH (and I’m goin’ this year also! 7/8/12!). The racing started at noon and ended at 5:30. What made it onto television later that evening, which I watched only to see if I could spot myself in the stands, was a three hour broadcast. So they effectively cut 2 1/2 hours of track cleanup and other stuff to get it on TV. Makes sense now. When something like this happens:

….the track has to be thoroughly cleaned and prepped for the next round of racing. Ya gotta remember, these cars go from standing still to around 300 mph in only 1000 feet. The racing surface has to be absolutely perfect for each round of racing.

That reminds me… I’ve walked on a drag strip a couple times. It’s the stickiest surface known to man! My daughters lost their flip flops immediately upon walking that surface. They spray some compound on the track that makes it sticky so the cars have optimum traction. Great for the cars, bad for the feet!

This weekend, the NHRA descended upon zMax Dragway in Charlotte, NC. zMax is unique in that it consists of two conventional two lane dragstrips in one. So once a year, the NHRA races four cars at a time instead of the regular two. On the surface, it seems like a cool concept, but after watching it for the first time I was disappointed.

Drag racing has always been about one on one racing; not one on one on one on one! It’s too much!

My girl, Courtney Force, was eliminated in the first round again. Her reaction time was slow, as usual, but so were the three dudes she was racing. Her car was just not fast enough.

C'mon Courtney... you gotta pick up your game or I'll have to start posting your bikini pics!

My dude, Robert Hight, won his fourth race in a row. Hight becomes just the fifth Funny Car racer to win four consecutive events in NHRA history, joining the ranks of Don Prudhomme, Kenny Bernstein, his team owner John Force, and Cruz Pedregon, who he defeated in the finals to accomplish the feat. Hight used a reaction time of .058 seconds at the start of his 4.076-second pass at 314.83 mph to secure his 27th career win.

My dude's in the closest lane


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