Drinking (and eating) for a Good Cause!

I’ve talked about the Hurst family, and the struggles of their twin boys, before.

You can learn more about them, and donate if you’d like, at their website or get updates on the boys’ progress by liking their facebook page.

I enjoy helping people out when they need it. I also enjoy drinking beer and stuffing my face with pizza, wings, pasta and even salad just to appear healthy!

Well the planets have aligned people! If you’re in the Cleveland area and you would like to help a family in need while having a good time, check it out:

A fundraiser is being held on behalf of  Bryce and Baen Hurst. It will take place on Saturday, May 12th from 6:30 to 9pm at Molly McGhee’s Sports Pub, located at 13169 Prospect Road in Strongsville. They will be serving salad, wings, pizza, pasta, draft beer, well drinks and wine.

Tickets are $20.00.

This event is being hosted by Charities supported by XI THETA CHI. Please join us and tell your friends.

You can email me at greg44212@yahoo.com if you’d like to attend. Or, if you work with me, you know how to get a hold of me (I’ll be all over you to attend regardless).

So come hang out, have a good time and help out!

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