If You Love Dogs, This Might Be the Saddest Story You Read All Day

From CBS Houston:

Michael Paxton was in his back yard playing Frisbee with his dog, Cisco, a Blue Healer (I’ve never heard of this breed, but no matter).

At the same time, an Austin, TX police officer, Thomas Griffin went to the wrong address when responding to a domestic violence call.

He went to Paxton’s address.

Mr. Paxton had to run to his front yard to grab something out of his vehicle where he was met by officer Griffin, who immediately drew his weapon on him. Nothing wrong here at this point. Griffin didn’t know he was at the wrong address, I’m sure, and some dude’s running at him.

Cisco then ran to the front yard to see where his buddy was. He barked at and approached officer Griffin. Griffin yelled to Paxton to get the dog but Paxton had a firearm pointed at him; and did nothing.  As Cisco continued to approach the officer, he lowered his weapon and opened fire on the dog. Killing him.

Per Mr. Paxton:

“The dog ran to his feet, he lowered his aim and shot the dog and raised his aim back up at me and told me to get back. My dog never made a move to attack him other than the challenging him and barking. He ran to his feet.”

Just a sad story…

Image via Justice for Cisco. A facebook page you should like.

3 responses to “If You Love Dogs, This Might Be the Saddest Story You Read All Day

  1. Gillian Colbert

    Blue Healers are Australian Shepherd dogs … that just sickened me. Damn…

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