So You’re Gonna Rip On a Sport That Does This Much Good?

It humors me to no end that people belittle NASCAR as much as they do.  Maybe humor is the wrong word. I believe it angers me…

As far as sports go in this wonderful country, NASCAR is #2 in spectators behind the National Football League. NASCAR is bigger than the NBA, NHL, MLB and many other sports. It’s a pretty big deal!

Auto racing is most definitely an acquired taste. People either love it or they hate it.  Fans of NASCAR, like myself, are probably the most faithful of any sport. They buy the products of companies whose colors are splashed across the cars. They buy into the driver, or the team (like I do ~ woo hoo! Roush-Fenway Racing) or the make of car that’s being driven.

What’s interesting, though, is how the people who hate NASCAR belittle it. They talk like it’s some insignificant bunch of southerners, err hillbillies, driving in circles. They’ll call out NASCAR like it’s something bad, or even worse, stupid. Hell, two of the most successful drivers, Jimmie Johnson & Jeff Gordon, are from California. I didn’t look it up, but I don’t believe California is in the south; and I’m pretty sure no one refers to Californians as hillbillies!

I’ve never heard anybody say, “I’m dating this guy and he’s pretty cool, except that he likes basketball” or, “This girl is pretty cool, but she’s a Redwings fan.” But it’s commonplace to hear, “Ugh… guys around here are nice, but so many of them are NASCAR fans”…. like it’s a bad thing! Screw you, simpleton!

Now I’m not gonna force anyone to watch NASCAR. Like I said, it’s an acquired taste. But, Jesus, don’t tear it apart if you don’t know what it’s about, or what they accomplish.

The association that is NASCAR, the teams & the drivers themselves have pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into non profits and special interests over the years.

If you’re a woman, you can rest assured that NASCAR has contributed tons of cash to breast cancer awareness and, more importantly, research.

I will now step off my pulpit…

Unfortunately, the NASCAR Nationwide Series took off yet another weekend, so there won’t be a Danica Patrick or Austin Dillon update. I will, however, provide a Sprint Cup Series Kansas update on Dale Earnhardt Jr. a bit later. I feel compelled to include a Danica picture with these racing posts; so here goes:

TERRIBLE hair, but her legs more than make up for it!

Also, the NHRA is off ’til next weekend, so I can only hope to dream about my girl Courtney Force:

Come July.... you will be mine!

One response to “So You’re Gonna Rip On a Sport That Does This Much Good?

  1. What i have found Greg, that most of the people i have come across that have givin me shit about NASCAR are GOLF fans, REALLY. I prefer to watch a car and driver at 200mph than some guy playing with his balls.

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