….and the past week has been nearly unbearable from a media standpoint! My twitter has been blowing up all week with news (normally crediting “unnamed sources”) by sports reporters about who’s going where. Then someone else says something different…. Then I watch press conferences of different NFL front office personnel; and they’re saying something altogether different. This dudes mock draft is so much different than this other dudes. Holy shit, it’s all just dizzying!

The real problem is me, however. I know that the teams aren’t gonna show their cards as much as I know that the media is merely speculating.

BUT I LISTEN TO ‘EM ALL ANYWAY. I’m a glutton for football punishment.

All I really care about is who the Cleveland Browns draft (I recommend they pick up 13 football players this year, preferably some who can score points!), but a lot depends on what other teams do.

I’m cursed with being a lifelong Browns fan. The fact that they are a perennially bad team makes tomorrow a big day for me… and all Browns fans for that matter!

Tomorrow is like the Super Bowl for Cleveland!

They’ve got thirteen picks in the seven rounds of the draft. THIRTEEN PICKS! The first few guys they draft should be good enough to start this year. And out of the rest, one would expect some “future potential” here and there. But who knows…

Seemingly promising guys they draft get hurt. And hurt. And hurt.

It's almost like Montario's legs are made of glass!

Others are just flat out busts.

Brady Quinn on the right! ?????

Anyway, the Browns first pick tomorrow is at #4. The dude I want them to pick, should he be available, is Trent Richardson. He’s a bad ass running back from the University of Alabama.

Check out this highlight video… it’s like football porn.

Rumors have been flyin’ that another team might trade up to the pick before the Browns to get Richardson. That would suck… a lot! But all hope wouldn’t necessarily be lost. Like I said, Cleveland needs players who can score points. In the unfortunate event that Richardson gets picked before Cleveland’s on the clock, I want this dude.

Justin Blackmon from Oklahoma State. He’s a fast, physical wide receiver. More football porn.

The problem with the Browns drafting Blackmon is that we don’t have a quarterback that can throw to him. Yeah…. Colt McCoy is that guy right now, but he sucks. After my buddy, Brent, pointed out how small Colt’s hands are it all makes sense.

Loogit his tiny little hands! Those are not NFL quarterback hands! He should be assembling iPads in China!

In the event that something crazy happens tomorrow and the Browns don’t get Trent or Justin with their first pick, I might just do shots shots until someone tells me I have to go to work on Friday morning.


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