Put a Leash on Your Dogs, You Idiots!

The weather was a bit nicer today in tropical Brunswick, Ohio. The temperature was pushing 60 degrees and it was quite sunny, so I had the patio door open.

Bernie was driving me crazy bugging me to go for a walk. See, he does this thing in which he stares at me and sort of grumbles and half barks to get my attention. I know he’s right there, there’s no way not to! But I’ll ignore him on purpose just to mess with him. If I make eye contact, he goes crazy knowing his staring/grumbling tactic worked.

Dude eggs me on!

Se we went for a walk a little bit ago; second of the season! He gets a ton of exercise playing in the house, but nothing beats heading outside and walking/running; for both of us!

But cruising around the neighborhood gets aggravating. See… a lot of people have these little tiny animals that they call dogs. They’re all of three pounds and make these horrendous little yapping noises that some mistake as barking.

I don’t have as much of a problem with those little dogs as I do their owners who refuse to put a leash on them. There is a leash law in Brunswick and, I believe, most other cities. It’s a simple law to understand: If your dog is outside, put it on a leash so it can’t run off.

This afternoon, no less than eight squeaking, three pound ankle biting dogs chased after Bernie and I. Bernie’s a good dog and paid no attention, aside from looking at them like they’re gerbils. I, on the other hand got pissed. What if your little “dog” bites Bernie and he retaliates by grabbing it and shaking it ’til its death like its a play toy? My dog’s bad then?

My neighbor has two big, beautiful male Pit Bulls. They are big, happy, lovable dogs.. of which Bernie is friends… and are always leashed. I could only imagine the outcry if those “scary” dogs were running loose!

But owners of tiny dogs think it’s acceptable to let them run free. Why? ‘Cause they’re small and insignificant? Imma pick up some mace and blast those little shits tomorrow!

Anyhow… today’s walk kicked Bernie’s ass!

He's DONE!

That’s good; as now I can watch drag racing without him staring at me and wanting to play!

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