It’s Not Hard to Be a Decent Human Being

Reblogged because she’s right. And she SWORE!

Bon Bons & Martinis: The Diary of a Modern Housewife

It’s really not hard to be a decent human being.  Here are some guidelines:

  • Don’t kick puppies.
  • Don’t steal.
  • Don’t kill people.
  • Don’t shake babies.
  • Take responsibility for yourself and what you do.
  • And don’t try to blow up bridges.

MORONS.  Not happy with society?  Fine.  Yell about it on street corners.  Write your local newspaper. Write the POTUS for all I care.  But don’t blow up a fucking bridge.  GAH!  In case you live under a rock, or you don’t have access to the Googles, 5 morons were arrested this morning for buying explosives from an undercover FBI agent and trying to blow up the Route 82 bridge over the Cuyahoga River today in Cleveland.  MORONS.

Here’s another way to be a decent human being–don’t look like a crackhead:

The one on the left gives me the heebiejeebies.

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