I Hate When My Twitter Blows Up With Bad News….

The only reason I’m even subscribed to twitter is for the instant news I receive. Most sports reporters tweet breaking news a good 10-15 minutes before their networks break the story.

Also, the porn stars I follow like to tweet some pretty awesome pictures when they wake up, before they go to bed and always on #tittytuesday!

Unfortunately, the bad news comes at you pretty fast and furious on twitter too. Today was a terrible day for the NFL…

The second big story today, and more notable of the two, was the death of Junior Seau; one of the best linebackers to play the game.

Unfortunately, he took his own life via a gunshot wound to the chest; leaving behind three children and an ex-wife, not to mention the rest of his family and friends.

It’s just a sad story altogether.

No one knows what was going through his head, though they’ll speculate. No one knows why one would take their own life. But he seemingly tried it before. About 18 months ago he drove his Escalade off a cliff in Carlsbad, CA after a domestic violence dispute. Obviously, he lived.

What was most touching on twitter today was the outpouring of emotion from NFL players; past and present. Yeah, a lot of NFL players seem like thugs (some are!) but when you see them tweeting about losing one of their former teammates; it’s saddening. When you see a young football player tweeting about his hero dying; it’s very saddening.

The NFL is a violent sport, NO ONE DENIES THIS. I’ve got a feeling that after the autopsy of Mr. Seau, we’re gonna find out that he had major brain injuries from multiple concussions suffered throughout his NFL career. Maybe that’s why this happened? Who knows….

On on hand, you want to say, “Well, yeah, that’s gonna happen in football. That’s why they make millions.” But on the other hand, “Can we find a way to prevent this shit from happening?”

Life is short. Life is precious. It’s a shame to see someone go at only 43 years old, even if by their own hand.

Like I said, the NFL is a violent sport…

And that leads me to the first NFL bad news of the day.

Allegedly, some players and coaches in the NFL set up a bounty pool in which a bunch of cash was put into a pot. This cash would be awarded to the player who caused the “target player”, usually a quarterback, to be carted off the field or knocked out due to injury inflicted by that player.

They’ve been calling it “bountygate” for some time now. One has to assume that most, if not every team in the NFL, had these bounty pools going on.


But the New Orleans Saints were caught red handed. There is audio of their coaches talking about bounties on specific players before a game.

Initially, coaches and front office staff received suspensions for their participation. But today, suspensions were handed down to four past and present Saints players; ranging from three games to the entire season.

I struggle with that. Yes, they shouldn’t have been participating in a program that awards cash incentives to players who hurt other players; but nobody stopped them. These guys listen to their coaches! And just penalize four out of the twenty some (and maybe the entire team) players in the meeting that was recorded?

Even without a cash incentive, football players are gonna try to decleat their opponents; hell, I had a coach in elementary school who taught us how to hurt opposing players either during the play or getting up off a pile. It’s the nature of the sport.

I hope the Browns weren’t targeted… We suck without the extra incentive to hurt us!

Like I said, most, if not all NFL teams have been doing this stuff forever… in my opinion.

Why take away players’ livelihoods without ever issuing a warning? Shit, Ben Roethlisberger “allegedly” raped women in ’06 and ’08 (Who I’m certain he paid off to go away) and only ended up with a four game suspension

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