Another “Inconvenient Truth” ~ Dinosaur Farts May Have Killed the Dinosaurs!

You smelled it; you dealt it!

Climate scientists pretty much say whatever they are paid to say; based on (usually government funded) research they accomplish that is geared towards a result that is most likely predicated by the financial backers of said research.

This was true of Al Gore’s film “An Inconvenient Truth” and it is so true now.

From this article, some nutjob professor out of Scotland, Graeme Ruxton, has concluded that dinosaurs farted so much that they produced enough methane gas that the climate was eventually warmed. According to Ruxton, the climate was warmed enough by farts over millions of years to potentially kill off the dinosaurs!

Remember, this dude is basing his research solely on estimates, just like the climate scientists who contributed to Al Gore’s stupid movie.

Ruxton took a cow, and what a cow eats and farts every day, and multiplied that by a 90 ton dinosaur! He then assumed the number of dinosaurs walking the earth back then and multiplied THAT! Boom! There ya go!

Really? You get paid to do basic math and call it science? Unbelievable!

In the end, no one really knows what causes changes to the climate here on Earth. Everything is assumed. We’re just here for the ride!

3 responses to “Another “Inconvenient Truth” ~ Dinosaur Farts May Have Killed the Dinosaurs!

  1. You evidently have not read the paper, and believe what you hear in the media. The words “extinct” and “extinction” are never mentioned in the paper. That was an invention of the science-illiterate media.

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