Sexy Saturday ~ Musician Edition

There are a lot of sexy musicians musicians out there, so for Sexy Saturday I wanted to highlight a few favorites!

I’ll start with one for the ladies; Paul Stanley from KISS. In my opinion, Paul is very effeminate, but the women just swoon when he takes the stage.

Here’s my favorite obscure artist, Lennon Murphy…

I stole this from her facebook. Yeah… we’re “friends”.

I had to go back in time for a some of these, because they’ve had kids and all…

Jessica Simpson…

POW! Loogit the cameltoe!!!!

Shit… just watch the video…Skip to 3:14 to watch her wash the General Lee!

Ya know what? Don’t skip any of it… Whew!

Christina Aguilera… the younger, “Dirrty” version of course…

Can I hold those for you?

Speaking of “Dirrty”, here it is….

Hoo boy! I forgot how good that video was!

Britney Spears!

Ahhhhhh! Oops… Let’s go back in time a bit more, shall we?

There’s another tattoo I wanna try to lick off!

I consulted with my friend to put one of her favorites here; Chris Daughtry!

He’s lookin’ right at you, Diane!

Since I’m onto American Idol now….

Carrie Underwood!

I want to find out if that tattoo is real… by trying to lick it off!


Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Kellie Pickler…


Antonella Barba… I think the last time I paid attention to American Idol was when she got voted off…

There was outrage because of this picture… among others. Why???

Okay…. enough Idol….

Here’s that girl from the Pussycat Dolls…

This one… Nicole…



Dear…… God!

Wanna go hippity hoppity?



Rihanna (from her best angle)….

I struggle with this one… but I’ve been told he’s sexy and doable; even with the Hepatitis he prolly got from Pam Anderson… Kid Rock!

Last… and definitely least, Adam Levine of Maroon 5:

Those hands on his tubesteak recently dumped him, by the way!

Speaking of Maroon 5…. Here’s a bit of a long distance dedication:

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, y’all!

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