If Colt McCoy Grew a Few Inches, Got a Stronger Arm and Some Accuracy…..

….. oh wait, I just described the Cleveland Browns new starting quarterback, Brandon Weeden!

That’s not the janitor with Weeden; it’s Cleveland’s General Manager Tom Heckert

Trust me…. it’s taken a lot for me to jump on the Weeden bandwagon. Since last month’s draft, I’ve gone back and forth between him and Colt McCoy several times. But how many chances do the Browns need to give Colt?

I’m done defending Colt…. period. Sorry, man!

In 2010, Peyton Hillis, God rest his soul, was like 65% of our offense. The other 35 % was dinks and dunks and overthrows and dropped passes. Yeah, there were some bad drops but, Colt, hit the receiver in stride… not after the route is ran. Also, throwing the ball to a receiver in bounds is key… it’s a big field, man!

Last year, Hillis developed wuss-itis….

Derp, derp… My nose is stuffy, coach…

….so the bulk of our offense was gone. Colt continued to suck…. he was all: take the snap and run for your life! C’mon man…that only works for Michael Vick! Our offensive line wasn’t that bad; how do you block for a guy when you don’t know where he is or where he’s going?  Colt just didn’t understand what a pocket is! Seriously, though, I don’t think he could see over the O-line without a stool!

Then he was concussed…

The field is this way Colt!

and his daddy ripped the Browns…. So bye bye Colt!

Weeden has looked good in mini-camp so far. OF COURSE he has a lot to learn to play like an NFL quarterback, but at least he’s got the necessary physical attributes… height, big hands and a strong arm (three things Colt is lacking).

Still lookin’ for a nickname… B-Weed? Smokin’ Weeden?

I understand there are no pads, there’s no contact and no pressure at these mini-camps. Dude’s gotta start somewhere. He’ll be fine; and he’ll learn how to run this West Coast offense.

Oh yeah… let me extend a warm Cleveland welcome to Brandon Weeden’s wife, Melanie.

Ha ha! I cut her husband out of the picture!

I am already a fan of you, Mrs. Weeden!

I’m excited for training camp to start in July. I’ll be there on opening day, to begin my ‘professional’ assessment of Weeden and the rest of this promising 2012 Browns team!


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