Sexy Saturday ~ Network Television Edition

I don’t watch very much TV at all these days. When I do, it’s mostly sports.

There are, however, a few shows I watch. Actually, I set my DVR to record them and get caught up when I can.

Here are some of the shows I watch when time allows:

  • Modern Family
  • Happy Endings
  • Parenthood
  • House

And there are very attractive people in all of these shows..

I’ll start with Modern Family… Hilarious comedy if you haven’t seen it. And if you haven’t seen it, you definitely should check it out..

First we have  Gloria Delgado-Pritchett; aka Sofia Vergara…

…. and Sofia Vergara out in the wild…. as herself!

Next is Gloria’s step-granddaughter, Haley Dunphy, played by Sarah Hyland…

 …. and Sarah Hyland.

Don’t start…. she’s legal!

On to Happy Endings…. another comedy… another one you must check out!

We have Alex Kerkovich played by Elisha Cuthbert.

… and Elisha Cuthbert.

I did not know THIS would come up when I searched… Bonus shot with Mila Kunis Maaaake Ooooouuut!

One more… because how could I not…?

Then there’s Alex’s sister, Jane Kerkovich-Williams, played by the lovely and hilarious Eliza Coupe.

…. and Eliza Coupe.

I also got hooked on Parenthood… a drama! Stupid show makes me cry; virtually every episode!

I saw a commercial for this show in which they were talking about Minka Kelly being on the next episode….

There was NO WAY I wasn’t tuning in for Minka!

So she hooked me… then was gone. But there was enough sexiness on the show every week to keep the ball rolling (actually it was the show itself that kept me watching; shhhhhh don’t tell anyone).

Here is Kristina Braverman; played by Monica Potter…

…. and Monica Potter.

Sarah Braverman played by Lauren Graham…

… and Lauren Graham.

I wish I could find sexy pictures of Lauren Graham… I tried, but apparently she doesn’t frequent beaches in a bikini or hang out at Maxim Magazine photo shoots. Oh well, she plays a very sultry character on Parenthood and turns me on quite a bit.

Jasmine Braverman played by Joy Bryant…

…and Joy Bryant.

Julia Braverman played by Erika Christensen…

…and Erika Christensen.

Don’t bother… I got real close to my monitor and tilted it…. still couldn’t see any more of her left breast.

But here’s some nipple…

And last, but definitely not least, is House.

I haven’t watched House in quite some time, but I’ll never forget about Thirteen; played by Olivia Wilde.

… here she is…

I could just keep going with Olivia here… but I’ll stop.

Apparently, some guys don’t like her…  I’ve been told her boobs are too small.. and was questioned as to why I would put her in a “BOOBS” post. I disagree.. I emailed her, requesting to see her tits… Her response?

Seems to be issues with this .gif. Click on the pic for a much better experience!

Hey Greg, if this works for you, give me a call and you can check them out for yourself. xoxoxo, Olivia.

That call has been placed….

Crap…. I forgot about you ladies… since my brain was just shifting to football, y’all get football players.

NY Jets backup QB/Minister Tim Tebow…

Cleveland Browns wide receiver, Carlton Mitchell…

New England Patriots QB Tom Brady…

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!

2 responses to “Sexy Saturday ~ Network Television Edition

  1. you had me until Tom Brady!!! good thing you put him at the end, or I would have never gotten thru it!

    • I know right? Google “Tom Brady Scooter”… that one’s pretty good also! And I know you like you some Tebow but, remember, he’d choose me over you!

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