Disappearing Potholes and My Girls’ Sports!

The main road I live by and work on, Pearl Rd., has been terrible for years. I’m talking about pot holes. Big pot holes that are everywhere; seemingly strategically placed so that if you don’t maneuver with the best of precision, you’re gonna feel it!

Yesterday they started a long awaited resurfacing project! Hoo boy am I excited! They’ve only ground down a couple inches of the old surface thus far; and will ultimately lay down a new asphalt surface. What’s amusing is that the ground down surface, though rough and grooved (to better accept the new asphalt), is smoother than what was there on Sunday night!

I can’t wait ’til it’s done… should be smooth as glass upon completion!

Next on the agenda is my girls’ sports… Alexis plays softball & Brookie plays softball and travel soccer; not that wimpy rec league stuff. Admittedly…I fought back about the travel soccer thing… but I’ve since come around and prefer it to the rec league, where the competition isn’t nearly as good. I love the fact that my girls want to be involved in sports and I enjoy watching their games. But ya know what? It really wears me down. I know… other parents have more kids in more sports… and God bless ’em!

This is Alexis from last year’s All Star Game!

As far as softball goes… Alexis’ games are scheduled on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Brooke’s games are on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. So we have weeks where there are games Monday through Saturday. Now I don’t have the girls on Mondays and Wednesdays or every other weekend, but I still go to the games that are scheduled on my off days unless, like last night, I miss a game because of some ‘difference in parenting’ issue with my ex-wife (long story and I’ll prolly never get into it on here). Hell, maybe I will if she keeps letting the kids walk all over her. I’ve even got a Muppet character picked out for her:

Anyway… The above was only softball. Brookie has 2 hours of soccer practice on Monday, and another two hours on Thursday; with all her games on Sundays!

Makes for very busy weeks! I’m not complaining, all the running keeps me out of trouble for the most part.

Here is a complaint… and it pertains to soccer. Brookie is a pretty decent soccer player, but her coaches have crushed her spirit. Here’s how….

I always used to brag about how they were such good coaches. They are good coaches! However, the soccer and softball seasons overlap, so Brookie had to split her time between the two sports. We told her softball coaches she would miss all the Monday softball practices so she could be at soccer practice; and we told the soccer coaches she would miss all the Thursday soccer practices so she could work with her softball team. It’s fair to both teams.

How did the respective coaches react?

The softball coaches have Brookie playing shortstop, second base and, tonight, a “rover” position. She’s a shallow outfielder who works the area behind the second baseman and shortstop; essentially filling the gaps. It’s a large area to cover, but she’s fast and handles it well. Her rover position really pissed off the opposing coach tonight, but was highly effective. Brooke was also in charge of shifting the outfielders based on signals from her coaches. She did a fantastic job; I was very proud of her!

The soccer coaches cut her playing time drastically in the game following her first missed practice. It’s a 60 minute game and, I swear, her previous 40 minutes of play was cut in half. That’s bullshit…. Then it got worse this past Sunday. Now, believe it or not, Brookie doesn’t want to stir up controversy between adults, namely between Dina (my ex) & myself and the coaches; so she doesn’t say anything, just that she wants to quit soccer. Well Sunday, she told me that she’s asked the coaches why she no longer starts in games… Their response? “Brooke, you can’t start if you miss practice.” So you punish her because she plays multiple sports? She’s 11 years old you dipshits! I wanna shove her shin guards up your asses!

Luckily there are two Brunswick travel teams for her age group, so we’re gonna get her on that other team.

That’s my girl on the right!

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