2012 Cleveland Browns OTAs ~ Part 1

Yes indeed… I am and forever will be a fan of the Cleveland Browns. Every year, around this time, I get all excited thinking that something great is gonna happen; like they go 8-8 or even get into the playoffs.

Then they start the preseason… and injuries happen. Hell, injuries happen in the weight room. Cleveland prolly lost their 2011 first round draft pick, defensive tackle Phil Taylor, for this season because he blew out a pec while bench pressing…


Speaking of injuries, here is my only thought about preventing them: Please let these guys use HGH (Human growth hormone), Roger Goodell! I’d bet my left arm that most of the players were using HGH prior to last season. I believe that there was an increase in injuries in the NFL last year because the league was planning on testing for it. Fearing that they would test positive for HGH and face suspension, players got off it…

I’m not a doctor but, after 37 seconds of research, I found that HGH helps muscles and ligaments grow and heal faster than the old fashioned way of relying on your body to fix itself.

Take away the HGH and BOOM!… torn ACLs hamstrings, quads, biceps, triceps… you name it!


Okay… back to the Browns and the beginning of OTAs (Organized Team Activities). I’m so excited to see players on the field! Sometime in July, when training camp starts, I’ll be at the Browns’ facility to bring you my own photos and videos. Until then, I have to rely on the local media and Plain Dealer for evidence of practice!

First picture… Colt McCoy on the left, with Brandon Weeden. I’m sorry, Colt, you’re gone as the Browns starter. You’re too short, have tiny hands (HGH won’t fix this at this point) and you take the snap and run around like you’re Michael Vick trying to make a play. Problem is, the offensive line doesn’t know where you’re at so you get crushed. Weeden’s a bigger, stronger fella… case closed!

“Hey Colt, can you go grab my water bottle?”

And who’s gonna protect Weeden? THESE GUYS! Joe Thomas is a perennial pro bowler… and the Browns have added some depth to the offensive line!

L to R…. Offensive linemen Ryan Miller, JOE THOMAS, Mitchell Schwartz

Who’s gonna tote the rock? Trent Richardson! Trent’s gonna be a stud running back.. Yes….I wrote that! Dude’s gonna tear some shit up!

If you’re a Browns fan, and you watch the following Trent Richardson highlight reel, and don’t get goosebumps…. you’re not a Browns fan!

Who’s gonna catch the ball? That’s been a serious problem for Cleveland lately. On the left we have Joshua Cribbs who, before getting a good contract, used to be awesome. Don’t get me wrong, Cribbs is still a freak, but I think he’s lost a step. Enter Travis Benjamin… his highlight reel looks like he’s DeSean Jackson of the Eagles! Combine his breakaway speed with Weeden’s laser, rocket arm and we’re on the right track!

Boy is Cribbs big compared to Benjamin! Smaller means faster, though!

And Greg Little is working on actually catching the ball this year, since he dropped like 157 balls last year.

Evan Moore… dudes gonna make a difference this year. I’ve gotta thing for white tight ends and Evan is my dude!

Here’s Carlton Mitchell… I love the guy because we’re friends on facebook and he follows me on twitter (we had an argument on twitter once and almost broke up; ‘nother story for another time) but why doesn’t he play? I was impressed with him a couple years ago at training camp and the coaching staff has never utilized him. I seriously believe he could be a threat…. stay tuned!

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