In Which I Ask for Your Help ~ For Those We’ve Lost in Brunswick

I initially came up with this blog to be a means for me to vent or just talk about stuff to free up my brain cells so I can stay sharp at work. That hasn’t changed nor will it.

Now, as I’m reaching a much broader audience than facebook and twitter will allow, I can use this blog to maybe help make a difference. Yeah, most of my readers (viewers I suppose?) come to my blog looking for Danica Patrick’s ass or Kate Upton’s boobs…. but not all of ’em!

Here is where I attempt to help.

Yesterday I conveyed some thoughts about the recent tragic car accident that took the lives of Jeff Chaya, Blake Bartchak, Lexi Poerner and Kevin Fox… while leaving Julia Romita in the hospital recovering (heard she’s doing better!).

It’s bittersweet to drive around Brunswick and see all the blue and white ribbons adorning telephone poles, trees, mailboxes etc. in support of these children and their families. I love to see this community come together, unfortunately for all the wrong reasons…

Oh yeah… I’ve talked to people who automatically assume that drugs, alcohol or both (I’ll admit it… I thought that too, initially) were involved in this accident. They weren’t. Blake Bartchak’s brother, Brent, had a real nice interview with Fox 8 news last night. Unfortunately I cannot just embed the video here so I have to provide a link to Fox. Check it out HERE… It’s worth watching all seven minutes to get the real story and Brent’s first hand experience of the hours leading up to the accident.

I normally want blog traffic to see how many visitors I can get…. 3547 in a single day is my record. Tonight and moving forward I want maximum traffic of those who want to help. My blog hits essentially mean nothing… unless people help out.

Go HERE to buy a Brunswick T-shirt in remembrance of the four children we lost with prayers for Julia’s recovery. Here are the choices…

$7 per shirt goes to the families… There’s even a spot to donate if you don’t want to drop the $21 for a shirt.

Please help if you can…

Hug your children and love them every day….

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